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Anyone has leftover keys from bundles for Nomad Games Fighting Fantasy Legends and/or Deathtrap Dungeon Trilogy to toss at me? I am unsure to commit with a purchase as they are based on the books but don't include the original text and art and have very different mechanics. On the other hand, they are translated in Japanese.
Also Vagrant or Glass Masquerade games would be cool - you don't have to buy them for me! If you happen to have a spare key from a bundle I'd be happy!
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It's a long shot but I'd really love to get Crusader Kings 3! I really enjoy CK2 but I really want to play 3 due to its improvements and the fact that it doesn't seem to require DLC to feel complete. Thanks in advance to anyone who even considers it!
Edit (got them eventually)
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If you want to make a non GOG DRM gift the Bundle for Ukraine is a good occasion!

My personal highlight among hundreds of games:
Attentat 1942
Attentat 1942 is a historically-accurate adventure told through the eyes of the World War 2 survivors. Many moral dilemmas and existential struggles await you on your way to discover the troubled past of your family. Written and made by professional historians.
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Not exactly a game, but would anyone happen to not want the Starfinder Core Rulebook code from the new Humble Bundle that they'd be willing to let me have?
Weapon skins dlc for the free to play FPS
It's multiplatform, redeem in-game

Black Desert Mobile
Prime Boss Stamps & Tablet Chest II
redeem in-game
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If somebody has one, can I please have an origin code for Plants vs. zombies Battle for neighbourhood ?
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A huge thanks to @ssling For the PvZ game! If possible, can somebody please gift me Dead space 2 for this month?
Siege Survival: Gloria Victis (Steam): 5QDZ7-45QD0-73LIX

I am Fish (Steam): 79VG4-E60VK-ZP90I
All taken
KevZap: Siege Survival: Gloria Victis (Steam): 5QDZ7-45QD0-73LIX

I am Fish (Steam): 79VG4-E60VK-ZP90I
So quick, it even lasts an hour
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Hate to beg, but I'm really short on cash and there's -85% sale for Dawn of War 2 Grand Master Collection on Steam that expires in 20 hrs. If anyone can spare a gift I'd be really grateful.
I would very much love this game and it is on sale, LEGO® Jurassic World