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Well, Im stuck in this new years and skint for the forseeable future, so if anyone ends up somehow with a spare key for mount and blade warband whilst its 75% off, Id appreciate it.
I'm at home on New Year, all alone!
How sad is that!
Didn't stop me getting drunk though!

I would dearly love & be very grateful for any of the Warlock: Master of the arcane or Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC.

Thank you for reading & (hopefully) being as understanding as I want my boss to be tomorrow.
Not to mention the copper that is bound to pull me over on my way to work.....
I´m still looking for a Humble Bundle 7 BTA and the time is slowly running out.
If someone feels generous, i´d like to receive a copy. I´ll make sure to give the community something back by doing a giveaway with some of my leftover keys (which i would have traded for the bundle anyways) and some of the keys from HIB7 itself.
non gog wishlist:
Terraria - received! thanks ^_^ , [anon user]!

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Castle Crashers!
Rome: Total War Complete is still on sale for 7.48 euros:

If that's too much, I could live with the Gold edition, which is just 4.98:
I want to get:
Bioshock 2
Duke Nukem The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC

Thanks in advance!
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I got a great b-day gift from one GoG user already...

But as always, a wishlist never ends :D

So if anyone would like to be generous I'd love on Steam:

Don't Starve
They Bleed Pixels
Towns (can be on Desura)

Thanks and happy new year! :)
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Current Wishlist: All on Steam

Dues Ex human revolution for $4.99? bat man where are you? Come to my rescue.

Super Meat Boy
Basically any indie game on steam. (besides binding of issac and snapshot) xD


Fallout - New Vegas - Ultimate Edition

oh and there's this for real cheap:
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I'm still interested in STALKER Clear Sky (Steam). Thanks.
I'd love to be gifted with Rise of the Triad. Loved this game as a kid.

In return I will give Steam codes for those games: Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War, The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC, Closure, Indie Game: The Movie, Shank 2, Snapshot.

Thank you!
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I would like some good RPG or FPS, no need for AAA title.