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If anyone has an extra copy of Iconoclasts, I would give it a nice home.
I am passionate about adventure platformers. I remember playing many platformers during the pixel age of video games. Despite being pixels, the developers manage to use that graphic limitation as a plus. Many stories were more appealing when they were pixelated. From that time on, I fell in love of 8bit, 16bit, 32bit games. Iconoclasts is exactly this. On top of that, they included a RPG aspect of building your own character made it very personal. This character was not just any character but someone I made and following story choices I chose. This is why this game means a lot to me.
Any spare keys on any Resident Evil games?
Lemme know, thanks!
I would love to play those series
I recently missed buying the 1st tier of The Bohemia Interactive 2020 Bundle on Humble Bundle due to being very bz with work & unfortunately 4got abt getting it so if any1 hv a spare copy of Arma X: Anniversary Edition from the $1 tier to giveaway I would really appreciate it.

As always, pls do NOT specially buy it & no obligations wat so ever as usual but only if u either already hv it or intend give it away. Thanks in advance. :)
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Anyone happen to have an extra key for the Vampire the Masquerade game from the current humble monthly?
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low rated
If anybody got an IndieGala account and willing to gift me this Artifex Mundi $5.99 bundle that would be very much appreciated

Sorry for making this request, but thanks for reading.
I'm quite aware it's a long shot, but even patient people like myself have their breaking point and I'm getting awfully close to mine. *Gulp*

Here it goes...

I'm dying to get back into Civilization VI for some time now, but 2K and Firaxis are killing me with their pricing for the Platinum edition (check attached pic). Unfortunately, the 20€ Steam wallet which I somehow scraped up can't handle this.

The funny thing is Platinum is not even "Ultimate" version of this game, as there's this New Frontier Pass, which I can comfortably ignore for now since it's not finished.

The trouble for me is that I've played Civ V soo much (my second favorite game of all time), over 1000h, many victories on highest difficulty, many crazy achievements, all scenarios won at least once, etc. I can't go back to that at this point.

Civ VI is my next go to, next "beast" to tame, but I can't go back to vanilla (it's just too "naked"), it must be Platinum.

If someone out there can help me out by gifting part of the package so that I can get the price down to 20€, that would be like a gamer's life saved at this point.

Otherwise, I'll just dig into other lovely games I have to distract my brain from this craving and then it's more waiting ahead before I can get back to taking that "one" more turn.

Thank you for your consideration and happy gaming to all fellow gamers out there.

EDIT: Finally those smaller DLCs got their own -80% discount on Steam so getting them first and then the Platinum edition got the whole thing under 25€. Needed to invest extra 5€ into my Steam wallet, but I was able to pull it off. :)
cvi6.png (286 Kb)
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Deleted since bundle is over
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If anyone has an extra key for Among Us or The Henry Stickmin Collection would be great. Thanks in advance.
Minion Masters: Zealous Inferno DLC (Claim by Nov 8):


Replace % with T
The bundle's over and I got low rated for this request, which is fair enough.

If the deal appear in Fanatical I will buy it on my own then. Cheers
I want to be nostalgic right now. May I have Neighbours from Hell Compilation? Thanks in advance
zlaywal: The bundle's over and I got low rated for this request, which is fair enough.

If the deal appear in Fanatical I will buy it on my own then. Cheers
Just saw this... can't give you the bundle now that it ended but have an upvote at least to even out the low rating
I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a code for the original Baldur's gate I want to play the originals before I play the third one.
If anyone suddenly has a spare Torchlight II key (Steam), I'd greatly appreciate it.
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