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Hello all
if anyone has a spare copy of Puzzle Agent 2 I would be grateful. I really liked the first on and would love to try new adventure.
If any russian citizen could gift me TwoWorlds2 on steam while its dirt cheap, i would be very grateful.
I'd really like a copy of Children Of The Nile if anybody picked it up in IR and already owned it

Thanks chaps, be lucky!
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Just want to say thanks to Ian for giving me Dungeon Defenders. Much appreciated!
I would like to get Puzzle Agent 1 (you can get it playing an iOS game called The Heist) because I got the sequel and I prefer playing the first one before. Thanks!
If someone somehow magically has an extra steam key for Hell Yeah! I'd be happy to take it off your hands. ;)
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I'd really appreciate it if someone could gift me CYPHER: A Cyberpunk Text Adventure. I actually am writing for a small magazine (for fun, not being paid) and want to review it despite all the bad player comments I saw here on GOG, but I just can't afford it. :/
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If anyone has an extra puzzle agent 2 key that would be super awesome radical tubular :)
Anyone have a spare Cryostasis?
Thank you!
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Star Wars Old Republic 2 from Steam have the first one and never played the second,is only 2.50€ on Steam
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Steam sale galore! I'd be most grateful for the following (currently with a discount):

The Basement Collection
Gratuitous Space Battles Space Conquest DLC
Gratuitous Space Battles The Nomads DLC
Sideway New York
Half Minute Hero
They Bleed Pixels
Frozen Synapse Red DLC
Any of the Total War Shogun 2 DLCs

Some of these might go into "Today's deal" with a bigger discount, but...y'know ;p

PS: anyone has an idea how long the sale will last?
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I am running low with money if anyone can gift me World of Goo on steam (2,24) or Audiosurf (2,49) I will give him a free hug and Dota 2 on steam.
PM me.