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Sometimes I feel like the wind in the willows.
Blood A leads to Blood B, immediately causing Blood X to become Blood C, while Blood ME is watching. Bloody fantastic this algebra!
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oldgamebuff42: Four squirrels in my yard started fighting using laser eye beams, nunchuks, energy beams and grenade launchers, and I was like, "Goddamn, Squirrel Kombat was tame compared to this shit."
Paco ate my corn flakes. Again.
I stepped on a beetle by accident.
Anyone else remember fidget spinners? Those were the days.
OST is like cheese in Norway.
Everybody always asks "Where's Waldo?" but nobody every wants to know "How's Waldo?".
Cooking up buy? buy ack! buy? buy ack!!!! buy? fin!
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A few product ideas that never got off the ground:
1. Edible Dynamite.
2. Frictionless Gum.
3. DIY snake habitats(too many escapees, especially the venomous kind!)
4. Automated Fire Escapes.
5. Three Headed Hammers.
6. Fully Adjustable, Articulated, Self-Lubricating. . .Toothbrushes.
I don't think it's fair that they call it 'peanut butter' when it doesn't even contain any dairy. They should start calling it 'peanut margarine' instead.
Of course, I suppose that is the problem one faces from writing a fanfiction with a limited basis of information.
"A leaf poking out of his buttonhole." Jesus, where is your mind?
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Now that 1 April has passed, fun is once again banned. Thank you for your co-operation.
I heard woop woop and I liked it, so stop breathing my popsickle and hand me a void.
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If Ogres are green and funny, with a Scots-Irish accent, then why do trolls always live under bridges? And yes, even Sauron's lived under the bridges in Mordor.
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