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Lineage II: Aden
In-game items

D8H6AUK7P3SMBTBAKK2B (change K into N)
LARDGQ1J5J3OIOSH7C28 (change R into W)


To redeem your code, first you will need an NC Account. You may create one here.

You must redeem the L2 Coin Cache by June 6, 2022; otherwise, it will expire. Now, copy your code and follow the instructions below:

1) Log in to your NCSOFT Account > ‘Apply a Code’ section.

2) Enter your Lineage II: Aden code. Press Activate.

3) Select Aden server and the character that you wish to receive the item.

4) Once selected, the item will be sent to the in-game Dimensional Warehouse. (You will receive a confirmation email when your code redeems.)

5) Log in to your Lineage II Aden server.

6) Finally, navigate to a Dimensional Warehouse NPC in the nearest town to claim your new item.

Don't have the game yet?

Lineage II: Aden is free to play and available on PC. Go to the Lineage II: Aden homepage to download the game.
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The Elder Skrolls IV: Oblivion - GOTY Edition Deluxe

## → ♥︎ × ☾☾☾ + ♠︎
$$ → ☀︎☀︎☀︎ + ☾ + ♦︎ × ♣︎
@ → ♣︎♣︎♣︎ + ♠︎♠︎♠︎♠︎ - ★ - ♣︎
&& → ☾☾☾ ÷ ♠︎♠︎ + ☀︎ + ♣︎

?? → ♥︎♥︎♥︎ × ♣︎ + ☾
! → ♦︎ + ★ - ♠︎


♠︎ + ♠︎ = 2
♥︎ + ♣︎ = 5
☾ - ♦︎ = 6
☀︎ × ♥︎ = 15
♦︎ ÷ ♣︎ = 2
☾ - ★ = 10
♠︎ + ★ = 1

Edit: Added "♠︎ + ★ = 1" as the subtraction hint resulted in confusion.
Thanks to the user who PM'd about this oversight.
Post edited April 10, 2022 by Lazarus_03
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Thank you very much!

For those wondering what the puzzle logic was,
• The values of the symbols are fairly straightforward based on the examples
• Several identical symbols together means addition
• The substitutions in the code are also fairly straightforward, in the correct order of operations. Basically, it's just $$ where you had to take care to do the multiplication first
• The resulting gift code isn't valid. Poring over the post reveals scrolls is misspelled with a K. Replace all the instances of K in the code with C
Hats off for deKoding those! :)
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:ʇuɐᴉꓨ ǝɥꓕ puɐ sᴉɹᴉ
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Lone_Scout: 995ƐƎ-569hꓞ-L69ꓞꓞ-ꓷꓭLꓛh

:ʇuɐᴉꓨ ǝɥꓕ puɐ sᴉɹᴉ
The code has already been used yet still I had fun decoding it.
Thank you.
House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets


Replace % with M

Redeemable on before May 9th
Lone_Scout: 995ƐƎ-569hꓞ-L69ꓞꓞ-ꓷꓭLꓛh

:ʇuɐᴉꓨ ǝɥꓕ puɐ sᴉɹᴉ
My head hurts now haha! How is this text even possible!
drxenija: My head hurts now haha! How is this text even possible!
For example with something like this. There are a lot of characters hidden somewhere in a full unicode charmap, and some can be used to do strange things :))
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Prime Oblivion Give-away


Have fun with one of my favourite games! :)
Startrail: Prime Oblivion Give-away


Have fun with one of my favourite games! :)
key gone
Shooting Stars! (Steam): AGLH2-9EYJ*-*B04W; *=R
Ophelium: Shooting Stars! (Steam): AGLH2-9EYJ*-*B04W; *=R
already redeemed by another account tq anyway
elttaB anagariH !evivruS oT esenapaJ nraeL