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"What becomes of games made with licensed IP after the companies that made them have long since lost the license? Is there any hope of ever seeing re-releases of Blade Runner, the Dune series, The Simpsons: Hit & Run, The Terminator Bethesda Tetralogy or The Thing?"

CEO of Nightdive Studios:
"Just a bit more work to get the rights in order. The Simpsons games are tricky because the original voice actors have their own contracts. We have some ongoing discussions with some of the other games you've mentioned :)"

Would you be interested in re-releases of any of the games in question? Are there other licensed games that you'd like to see make a comeback?
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I'd definitely be interested in Blade Runner making a comeback. As long as it's DRM-free, of course. ( :
I'd love The Simpsons Hit & Run to be re-released. Also The Simpsons game to finally come to PC.

Blade Runner is tough as amazing as that would be to have again, the original source code was lost so i'm not expecting it anytime soon if at all.

Dune I thought someone was working on. Dune II, Dune 2000 and Emperor: Battle For Dune all favs of mine.
I'd love to be able to play Blade Runner, The Simpsons: Hit & Run and The Thing again. I've never played any of the Dune or Terminator games but I'd like to.


Blade Runner
Dune II: The Building Of A Dynasty (a.k.a. The Battle For Arrakis)
Dune 2000
Emperor: Battle For Dune
Frank Herbert's Dune
The Simpsons: Hit And Run
The Terminator 2029
The Terminator: Future Shock
The Terminator: Rampage
The Terminator: SkyNET
The Thing
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Blade Runner and The Thing please!
low rated
The Dune series would be cool. I've never played Blade Runner, but it's highly recommended, so I would like to try it.

Other licensed IP games I'd love to see are Gremlins, ALF The First Adventure, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ghostbusters II, Beetlejuice Skeletons in the Closet, The Simpsons Bart's House of Weirdness, Terminator 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity... not sure if any of these are available already somewhere else, but I'd like to see them here on GOG.
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I would rather it was crowdfunded and put in the public domain subject to a few changes.
Blade Runner (never played it....), The Terminator games (Bethesda owned, or not?) and The Thing would be insta-buys for me.
If they keep flushing money down the toilet with botched kickstarter remakes they won't. Stick to getting rights to re-release old games Nightdive.

The Simpsons games? Jeez, that's going to be a nightmare with the voice actor contracts. Their efforts and resources would be better spent elsewhere.
the night dive dude keeps telling people to not ask him about Blade Runner again. I can only imagine the legal hell of a game inspired on a movie which was the adaptation of a novel.

I'd love to play Dune 2000 again though.
For Blade Runner, the rights to the book would be held by the estate of Philip K Dick. The rights to the original movie would be held by Warner Brothers. The rights to the original game would be held by EA.

There are also rights held by Sony (as producer of the new Blade Runner film) that may factor into it (as well as any video game rights if someone else picked up rights to do Blade Runner games tied to that film or something).

I would say Blade Runner comming to GoG is highly unlikely at this point.
Spectre: I would rather it was crowdfunded and put in the public domain subject to a few changes.
Yeah, with or without crowdfunding, those IPs aren't going to the public domain in our lifetimes.
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Spectre: I would rather it was crowdfunded and put in the public domain subject to a few changes.
Yeah, considering that they are all based on works that aren't even themselves yet in the public domain, it's unlikely that any of those games will be in the public domain within the next 50 years.