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Revisit the DRM of old.

DRM, we know you love it, that's why we have it, DRM-free here at!

Copy protection has been an integral part of many old games. At we have a DRM-free policy, and so we unfortunately end up removing this part, and thereby ruining the original gaming experience. But no more! For only $5.99 every customer who so desires can buy <span class="bold">DRM</span>, a complete package containing every copy protection method ever included with any game in the catalog. Not only that, but <span class="bold">DRM</span> is available completely DRM-free, so you can install the complete package on as many PC's as you want, at any time you want, without limitation.

So kill your CD drives, expose your data, hunt for keywords, search star charts and get scanned copies of unscannable documents (digital copies may be completely black) in <span class="bold">DRM</span> - available now, DRM-free on!
LMAO best April Fools thread I've seen so far. +1
Great! +1 to you :-)
I thought Digital Rights Management 2 was better, it has more DRM.
Nice. :-)
Great news! I've been reading that other digital distribution platforms apply DRM on top of DRM, which is unacceptable. Thankfully we now have DRM-free DRM!

+1, this one made my day :D
No online activation DRM? Meh, GOG can never bring the complete version of a game here.
At least you put in a bit of effort...
Grargar: No online activation DRM? Meh, GOG can never bring the complete version of a game here.
Don't worry about that. When you order your game you are asked to give GOG your home address so that they can send you a cd. There is nothing on the cd but it must be in your rom AT ALL TIMES in order to access your copy of DRM.
Good post +1
That could have been GOG's April's joke... thank you for the laugh! :-)
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Death Ray Manta is coming to GOG? :)
And I just got the "overwhelmed by popularity of our service" message. I knew that DRM would make GOG hugely popular!
Ya great one. :)
Finally! I knew the games here were lacking something.