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One could say that GOG Galaxy is a simply stellar platform.

These past couple of days have been full of good news here at the office! First, our partners in crime CD PROJEKT RED told the world that 4 million copies of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have been sold. Now we’re here to announce that in the first two weeks almost 700 thousand gamers worldwide have gone with GOG Galaxy as their monster-huntin’ platform - more than all other PC options combined!

Headcount: Over 693,000 gamers worldwide
Volume: Over 21.5 petabytes of game and bonus content
Achievements: 3.5 million unlocked
Combined game time: 1,770 years (that’s 646,479 full 24-hour days)

See the video below for more stats about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on!

<iframe width="775" height="436" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Jealous you’re not part of the stats? Join the GOG Galaxy open beta and help us raise those numbers!
Great work GOG! So far my expierence with Galaxy and Witcher 3 has been flawless! just wished the overlay was in.
That is seriously amazing!
Kinda makes me feel bad for not playing more than I do already :)
Cool. Hopefully, things will get better (before they get worse :/).
Congratulations for beating Steam ! (and making it known haha )

I do have the witcher 3, but I still didn't play it for now, even less on Galaxy that I uninstalled sometimes ago when it turned too buggy on me. I wonder where that put me on their stats ?
This is great news for GOG. Since I got beta access to Galaxy its been my main platform for gaming on the PC. I've hardly even loaded that other one. I've even been buying up games I already have access to on that other system so I can now own them on GOG.

I'm not using Galaxy yet but I'm happy most Wild Hunt players who used that kind of platform used gog's. :) And the best part is it was their choice.
high rated
Hint for Trine 3 at the end of the video there? :)
Trine 3 on GoG confirmed? You sneaky bastards
History in the making, folks. Congratulations, GOG - you've earned it.
Now, please be so kind as to implement the much-requested "pause download" functionality Galaxy so desperately needs plus a myriad of other awesome features if time permits. ;)

Oh, and kindly cure your nasty habit of rejecting good games (see ASA:A Space Adventure for reference). :P

tfishell: Hint for Trine 3 at the end of the video there? :)
Absolutely, it can't be mere coincidence.
Hatred's next, mark my words. :)
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I'll looking forward to completey replacing Steam with GOG. Just continue what you're doing and I'm sure sooner or later we'll get there.

More stats please! :) Stat comparisons! Comapre with friends! optionally of course :)
They promoted GOG well considering Steam was the only place to get the Steam version (obviously ...) and it was inherently 'expensive' as a trade item because of the Nvidia Coupons for the Witcher 3 (which tended to be ~20-25 Euro when sold) .

The numbers for Galaxy are high but not really surprising considering it was marketed along with Witcher 3. A lot of them probably used it simply for installing the game. Physical versions even had it as default install instructions I think. Retention in a couple of months is going to be more interesting there.
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This is a great news.

Now lets get a new update for Galaxy out. ;)
And when will you finally fix your website and create a better forum ?
Sorr,y GOG, IMHO "forcing" 700k users to use buggy beta product is nothing to celebrate, it's a big shame!
Also missing some other data:
How many of those users are happy, that they got GOG code instead of Steam key when buying NVIDIA card?
How many of those users are happy with Galaxy which is full of bugs and missing very basic features like e.g. pause download?
How many of those users bought another game on GOG?

Why I'm asking? Because I see quite a lot of angry posts against GOG and Galaxy recently on the gaming forums - and all of them are from Witcher 3 players...
Congrats, but Galaxy still needs a lot of tweaking, if you want it to last after W3's Nvidia codes :P
And don't forget the site+forums, please XD
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