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CymTyr: There's a rumor that the PS5 will be bc with 1-4 but only 4 in verified right now. The current PSVR headsets WILL work with the ps5, so you can keep your wired version, though it most likely won't have 4k, but who's to say?

I'm probably going with a ps5 over a new xbox next gen, because MS have been on record saying they want to bring even more xbox games to win 10.
Sarang: Yeah I can but I'd like a 4K OLED option without spending over $1K on a TV. I suppose I can buy one of those HMD's off IGG or does one of the HTC Vive's do 4K and HDR with an OLED display?
Honestly I don't know enough about VR other than eventually I want a set for my pc.