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A pre-paid option in checkout!

Yesterday, we've introduced a new payment option into checkout, namely Paysafecard. The ability to complete your order using a pre-paid type payment method was one of the site features you requested quite often via e-mail, forums, social media, and even our own community wishlist. We decided to go with Paysafecard, which is the European market leader in online prepaid solutions. Not sure what pre-paid means? It means that you buy a physical card from one of 450,000 sales outlets available and use it to make safe online payments without a bank account or credit card.

How to utilize this new feature? Easy! After clicking the 'Process order now', you will be redirected to the Paysafecard page to complete your order. (Please note that we charge in US Dollars, and, if a currency exchange is required, Paysafecard will charge an additional fee.)

You can read more about this payment option on the official Paysafecard website. You can also use the site to easily locate a retailer offering the Paysafecard near your location. Hope you'll enjoy this new feature!
Post edited December 05, 2013 by G-Doc
Nice! I'm not using it by now, but it's always good to have some more payment options.
Never heard of it :D
I know a few people have been begging for this, so good news all round methinks.
Ah, I used these cards a long time ago...
Well, not anymore, but it is always good to have more options, so thank you.
Never heard of it, but more options are always nice.
These are amazing news!
Finally you did it.
OMG finally! Thank you guys so much.
I would have preferred moar games, but I guess this is nice too. As long as it isn't related in any way to that POS Skrill/Moneybookers.
I've grown accustomed to using by Visa Electron debit card, which is more convenient, as I don't have to buy a new pre-paid card every time I spend the entire amount on the previous one.
Not useful for me (I use prepaid VISA/MASTERCARD) but always nice to see another payment method on GOG.
I don't need the feature, but I like seeing GOG enhancing their functionality. Hope even more things will come.
Great news. Thanks GOG.
Good news, I believe it will be useful for young people and those scared of credit cards.
Good. Lots of people should be happy at this.