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JudasIscariot: So, what are the options that work for folks from China? Also, how is the PC gaming scene in general in China? I always wondered about that :)
Alipay and Paypal (linked a China debit card) are two options.

Alipay is China's leading third-party online payment solution, I use Alipay buy games on Steam. So far I have bought Serious Sam 3,Left 4 Dead 2,Portal 2,Counter-Strike,Doom 3 Pack and some other games.

It seems Alipay only shows up when the buyer's IP address is in China. I upload some pics.
pic1 is the most common to me when i buy a is in Chinese language.
Pic2 is same payment info to pic1 but in English, as u can see in pic2, Alipay is in the payment method.
pic3 is i use a Proxy software login Steam as US IP address, purchase a game, Alipay isnot in the payment method.
I dont know why Alipay only shows up in China IP address, but as long as i can buy games with Alipay, it doesnot matter.

Paypal linked a China debit card is what i use to buy games on Humble Bundle. Most people in China dont have a credit card, but have a debit card. me buy games on Humble Bundle for example. I buy games on Humble Bundle, choose Paypal, and that will lead me to pic 4, in pic 4, left is my order summary, right is some information including my debit card number, all i have to do is click "Pay Now" button, and it will open a new page of my debit card bank, i pay on that page, it will return to Humble Bundle and i got games. Easy and fast.

Pic5 is when i buy games on GOG, i got a warning "To pay for this purchase right now, link a debit or credit card to your PayPal account." clearly i have already linked a China debit card to my Paypal, it just didnot work, that means i cant buy games on GOG with my Paypal.

It would be nice if you can support both Alipay and Paypal (linked a China debit card). or at least fix this Paypal (linked a China debit card) problem, if Humble Bundle can get my money, you can get it too.

About "how is the PC gaming scene in general in China?" well, most people in China pirate games or play free online games, some people start to buy games.

How many is this "some"? Steam accounts now over 65 million, that s a news everyone can google it, and steam has a Hardware & Software Survey, you can check the language detail, Simplified Chinese is 2.51% and increasing, that means there are at least 1.6 millon Chinese steam user now.This is the group that may buy games.

And how many is this "most people"? There is no research about this, i think maybe 100-200 millon. They play free online games and they pirate games.
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I have to second what Viranimus said, it is an important option for those of us in North America. I'll explain.

If you don't have a credit card, but a debit card, you will have several overseers of your activity. First the credit card issuer. They will consider any transactions with most online game sites, such as Steam, Gamersgate, Gog, etc, and also MMO sites as likely to be fraudulent transactions. Second, the bank itself will also be having either a service provider or its own oversight over such transactions. Third, most USA issued debit cards are not allowed to have overseas transactions, or if they do, they charge additional transaction fees. Dealing with Cyprus or any business in Cyprus sets off AUTOMATIC mechanisms that will flag your debit card ... PERIOD.

I had this happen also during a major GOG sale. I talked to the bank, they told me they could do nothing as the service provider controlled this. The credit card issuer said it was also automatic, I explained I'd like to especially exempt transactions done with certain companies, since the main transactions I do overseas are for GOG or Gamersgate. They said they could not, would not, and did not have in place such a facility to allow that.

As Viranimus said, your Paypal account gets linked either to a card or a bank, or both. In my case, I then had problems with Paypal, since they began to randomly, probably triggered by such Cyrpus based dealings, to ask for more identification, even though they had months of my own activity with the same bank account etc, for the person who owned the account (me) to verify all transactions and scream foul if there was a problem, and even though every previous form of verification had been done for months and worked. It seemed to happen also after some glitch in their new verification menu where it got stuck in an infinite loop. At any rate, I became very peeved and wary, as now they wanted as new verification things that any person who had stolen my wallet, if they had done so, could provide.

Example, a fax or scan of my driver's license? That's low fidelity and anybody with a knife to your back could get that sent via copier, let alone someone with your wallet or purse. After being a customer for 16 months I get this weird set of emails from Paypal and the account is locked down for verification, nah ... I got better things to do then wait for my account to be taken over at Paypal by somebody who either breaks into their servers or my car, see?

So, I do appreciate this PaySafeCard option. I will go out to look for some of these cards prior to the Christmas Sale and will surely, if they are at the Food Lion/ Bloom /Bottom Dollars as described, use them for the additional security and ease of use. I like the idea that no one knows who I am, but Gog, when I deal with Gog. I like the reduced hassle, as Gog has been great with my dealings before, and now I don't have to worry about another middleman in the issue. I like the sense of rationing that comes about when I have to buy a $10 or $20 dollar card and plan out my purchases. I started doing this with Steam, and it works well.

I know a lot of you had only credit cards and so never run into this issue. Some of you think PayPal is the best, fine for you. Some of you think gift cards are too many things in your pocket, I can get that. But, I buy these cards, whether for Steam, or another brand for Gamersgate, or for Gog will get these PaySafeCards, because I'm planning to purchase in the next sale the games I've planned to buy for a long time. So they don't wait in my wallet or pocket for long.

I'm looking to get Star Flight 1 + 2 and Warlords Battlecry 3 here ... and I'll be looking at other games, such as the Realm of Arkania Series if it goes on sale. I like the way that Gog promotes itself, its forums, which read for tips on game technical workarounds etc, this is probably my first post on its forums.

I'm old. So let me put it this way. This option DOES matter to some of us --- kudos to Gog for realizing how much it can benefit them as well as us. It seems there is no transaction fee with PaySafeCard, but I'll be able to handle up to a 5% fee easily, all for the peace of mind. Thanks.

By the way, if Gog had implemented this option earlier, I would have bought at least another 10 games I ended up buying from Steam at Gog instead. I simply wasn't going to go through PayPal again and I have since wiped out the account. For those of you using the pre-paid Visa Card route, you have transaction and other fees usually as well, plus a reloading fee, and you'll find a lot of exemptions to where you can use them. You also have to give those prepaid cards usually additional information about yourself. At any rate, I welcome the option. Now back to silent lurking, the way I like to be.

Of course, I too would have preferred a Gog card, like Steam has there wallet cards here in the USA, but that clearly would not make financial sense. Steam is so big that it can afford to distribute these cards everywhere and implement the system to use it (they are sold at convenience stores, grocery stores, and electronics stores as well as via online purchase). So without the distribution to many countries, it wouldn't work, and it would cost a bundle. As much as I like Gog, they do not yet do anywhere near the business that Steam does, and cannot possibly justify such a process.
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Nice, totally missed this announcement somehow. Personally I've been using PayPal for this but I know at least two people (friends from a mysterious place called the REAAAAL WOOORLD) who will appreciate this feature. Way to go, GOG!
Titanium: We can now pay with a safe? How about anvils? Kitchen sinks?
The anvil cracked me up. :D
Very nice to hear this!

Paysafecard is my favourite payment service. You don't have to fiddle around with several details, just put in the code and that's it - transaction complete.
I thought I'd update GOG on a few concerns so far with Paysafecard. So far, I've checked two places that are supposed to carry either the card or the tickets that can be generated by a service for Paysafecard (namely Food Lion aka Bloom for the first option and a smaller grocery store with ePay service which is supposed to generate such tickets upon request at your own denomination of choice), and both have ended up dead-ends.

In the first case, I checked one of the Food Lions nearby on two separate occasions, finally talking to the manager on the second attempt. As expected, the Paysafecards are, if available, to be placed in vendor kiosks where most other giftcards or prepaid cards are located. An independent vendor purchases these kiosks and places them in the Food Lion store for a fee paid to Food Lion. The vendor then chooses and stocks these kiosks with whatever he wants or sells well or is requested by the Food Lion manager, etc.

So what's the problem? Well, American retail management is pretty pitiful compared to what it was when I was a kid and my father worked at the huge Macy's in New York City. It's all numbers and avoid the customers these days, seriously. The peons interact, the rest is all inventory reports, supply logistics, and hating your job, that's what we call management these days. Most managers, probably in the whole western world, but certainly in America, do not actually know their store's inventory, nor the current demand changes via requests by customers etc.

So at any rate, it turns out the vendor has probably never supplied any Paysafecards ever to them. Neither the manager nor the much more efficient and hands-on assistant manager even knew who or what the card is (something my dad could never be ignorant of, if the store carried it, he knew). Worse, as a punch line, only the nosy assistant manager actually mentioned and knew of the inventory request form in every box of resupply that the vendor owning and stocking the kiosk SENDS VIA MAIL has within it. I got him to write down a need for Paysafecards to send back to the vendor, much thanks for that, but you could see he mostly did it just to get me out of his hair and because the much more efficient female assistant manager had pushed it because it seemed a way to achieve a happy customer. (Of course for that she'll have to work every holiday, never get a raise, and soon be off to manage her own Business providing a better product called RealCard ... but that's another story).

Sorry, excuse the sarcasm, I live in the USA, I've seen its decline, and well .. I expect the end of time is soon, personally I hope its very very soon.

Ok, the other minor grocery store is run by three immigrants, who always look at any person who does not look for the INS over their shoulder every ten seconds and then bury their eyes into their navel, as ... well ... not to be trusted. They definitively stated that they did not carry such a card, never heard of the ePAY service I said carried it as an option, and this even from the matriarch, who can haggle with you so well, you'd have to pay her 100 dollars just to call her incompetent at the end of the conversation.

Now, I am going to check the other Food Lions over the holidays, and the various check-cashing places which usually are much better at knowing about services like ePAY because their clients come there to ... well ... bypass the normal market for anything quick, hard to track, and cash-oriented ... lets be kind and call it a grey market .... but in the interim my concerns over access remain.

Here is the biggest issue. One reason I had recommended Rixty in comparison a while back to Gog, was that Rixty is an option on the Coinstar system of machines. Coinstar is in every Walmart, which is in every town basically in the USA. Coinstar machines count coins or inserted cash and then you can get various giftcards or cash back for the amount you put in minus a fee , in the case of cash, or sometimes little or no fee for the gift cards and prepaid cards. Coinstars accessibility and the preponderance of cash and coins makes its availability almost everywhere. Now, Coinstar machines plan to rollout some sort of Paypal prepaid card soon, but overall it isn't yet available anywhere and may not be. It does offer Rixty though, which is used at Gamersgate.

Here's another key thing. You can purchase ONLINE Rixty prepaid cards from companies that do except American debit cards because they are also based in USA. But you can't do that with Paysafecard because none of the online purchase options are based in USA. There goes one clear avenue for USA debit cards.

What looks good on paper may not pan out so, this is the problem with not checking with your customers fully the real world access to a method of payment. Just because a company like Paysafecard , says it is purchaseable in many grocery stores, pharmacies , and online doesn't actually mean it is so. It simply means that an independent contractor who is the vendor of a kiosk has claimed to be contracted to place their cards in its kiosks in the stores in which the managers do not know the card, do not see the vendor (it's via mail 95 percent of the time), and your card is competing with all the other cards in the vendors inventory for space with that vendor in his kiosk in that grocery store .... do you follow how convoluted this is. It's the new now staid old way of doing marketing in the western world, and it will eventually lead to our doom.

Ok, so now I've let off some steam. You could have hired me to supply all of my unnamed state in the USA, and I would have guaranteed you that I would have made at least 2 personal visits each month to every location I had a kiosk just to take a look at the selection myself, the placement myself, the kiosk's condition myself, chat with the manager myself, and toot Gog and Paysafecard myself. But instead some other bunch of clowns are doing this by lounge chair and other people's laziness, and you wonder why nothing ever works out.

Summary :

1) No USA online purchase option via USA debit card means fewer impulse buys and lower convenience to getting that debit card to buy a Paysafecard and a Gog purchase.
2) There is seemingly a lack of physical cards at high transit locations such as grocery stores because Paysafecard has very little east coast and mid-atlantic presence in the USA. After all, I look for Rixty cards and prepaid phone cards all the time, I have never ever seen a Paysafecard at the local 7-11s, at any grocery store chain, at any Walmart, at any convenience store. The last hope is a check cashing place or gas stations.

I have logged the issues via the automatic system with Paysafecard and will do so every couple of weeks, I will be visiting the other 5 or so locations shortly and update you with any progress. But, I have the feeling based on experience that it will take a lot of personal effort to find any Paysafecard within 10 miles of my location within the next month or so, and I'd guess it's below a 20 percent chance even with that.

Best wishes, have a great holiday season.

(Oh, and not to overrate Rixty, I've also never ever seen a Rixty prepaid card in a kiosk either. But they are an option at every Coinstar, so far, and they are purchaseable online via USA debit cards from an online USA retailer --- that's the point and also another reason for my somewhat cynical view. Beware, always beware, the independent contractor who never sees any of your employees more than once a year and is yet responsible for all your placement, all your supply, all you look, all your everything ... without any meaningful supervision. This used to be called the easy man's get rich quick scheme ... but legal ... be the independent contracting middle man, because you are just purchasing the caravan, you never guaranteed his camels were burdened with your product or where they were heading, or how much perfume to place on the product to remove the camel scent. Sigh, nevermind, it's just another bit of old but forgotten Americana. And they thought Dale Carnegie once was a hack, now he looks like John the Baptist given how honest he was in comparison.)
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Followed up again, tried four nearest places including a second Food Lion (aka Bloom/Bottom Dollar) and a check cashing place that is listed to have the ePay service which can print out PaySafeCard tickets in various denominations. As cynically expected, none of those places had ever heard of PaySafeCard, nor had any physical cards in stock, nor ever heard of the ePay service. So not looking good so far. I'll try a few more in the next few days, but I'm not hopeful.

These are all places listed on the PaySafeCard sight as having such availability and nearest to my location. I'll inform them again with the automatic feedback on their website again.
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DedNLeft: Followed up again, tried four nearest places including a second Food Lion (aka Bloom/Bottom Dollar) and a check cashing place that is listed to have the ePay service which can print out PaySafeCard tickets in various denominations. As cynically expected, none of those places had ever heard of PaySafeCard, nor had any physical cards in stock, nor ever heard of the ePay service. So not looking good so far. I'll try a few more in the next few days, but I'm not hopeful.

These are all places listed on the PaySafeCard sight as having such availability and nearest to my location. I'll inform them again with the automatic feedback on their website again.
That sounds like quite a mess, but then again it does seem to be quite lesser used in the US, with credit/debit cards being so much the standard for everything and the service itself being EU-based. Over here it was just a matter of walking up to a machine in a metro station, selecting an option, slipping in a bill of the required amount and (after a good minute of waiting with nothing moving on screen, not even a "please wait" sign) getting a slip of paper with the code I used to finally be able to make my first purchases from here.

Wouldn't know anything about any "physical Paysafecards", but PINs are purchasable like this from these spots that you can find in many metro stations (for some both inside and outside), important intersections, next to some bus/tram ends of line or in hypermarkets, so take your pick.

The nasty part is the conversion fee. They list 4.04% (since it's through EUR, so it's 2% for RON-EUR and then another 2% on top of the result for EUR-USD) but there's another hidden fee in the exchange rate they use, since it worked out at 8.50% for the first order and 8.52% for the 2nd one.
Cavalary, that's interesting. Yeah, with Rixty you have the 8.90 percent hit, when you use it at most places, for example at Gamersgate. It also has that Coinstar voucher thing, such as you do for Paysafecard in the EU. That's a convenient method, especially yours with Paysafecard.

The conversion fee for funds, that also happens with debit cards, at least US ones, often, for an overseas transaction, although Gog's prices are in US dollars. So we MIGHT not get hit , but you do, sorry about that.

For the older games, I don't really mind the hit, I just mind that I can't purchase anything from Gog. It's a shame that they don't have some online site which could sell tickets in Euros to you all from Europe, and sell dollar tickets or serial codes to those in the USA from the USA. This is really the main issue, if we are going to improve the access via debit cards or PaySafeCard, etc.

The fact that their financial clearinghouse is based in Cyprus causes the issue for us here in the USA. If I could purchase PaySafeCard tickets or Gog vouchers or something via a USA online shop with reputation, that would be great.

I'm going to mention to Gog, just in case, that there is an online store at that I've dealt with for Rixty cards, and they are reputable and do an automatic phone check to verify at startup, and provide serial numbers via email for a lot of different gaming cards. I tried to ask customer service via email if they would be interested in carrying PaySafeCard , but I got a flat no as a response.

I don't think they understand that being a conduit for access to might be worth the attempt.

May I suggest to Gog that they consider seeing if they can get interested in providing a method of prepaid Gog payment, whether PaySafeCard or other, in North America via this online shop in North America. It has a good reputation, I've dealt with them for Rixty. They also carry Steam cards, with a one dollar handling fee, all this is done via serial codes. Or perhaps some shop that sell serial codes for online games might be interested in picking a method for paying Gog or Gog serial codes up. They carry Zeevus and Amazon cards also, as well as many MMO cards.

I personally think if Gog had some sort of prepaid method to purchase games they would probably up their sales by 10-20 percent, but that's just my guess.

Perhaps at some point after the various Winter Break Game sales I'll look into this. I've spent most of my time tracking Steam Sales and earning badges to sell to generate a bit more cash for the odd game or so.
I wonder when this will be fixed. At least in Finland you can't use Paysafecard because there is some kind of an error. I heard some other countries have problems as well.
EmJayJay: I wonder when this will be fixed. At least in Finland you can't use Paysafecard because there is some kind of an error. I heard some other countries have problems as well.
Hi! I've registered recently when I saw that they added Paysafecard option, but each time I try to buy a game it says there are "technical issues". By the way, I'm from Cyprus. I've just sent a message to GOG support. I hope that it is something temporary, as there are many games that I want to buy from GOG.
D-ROCK: [...] So is this just a European payment method? Thanks for explaining!
G-Doc: No, the card is also available through many US-based retailers. You can locate an outlet near your location here.
I Live in Australia WE DON'T HAVE THEM HERE!
G-Doc: No, the card is also available through many US-based retailers. You can locate an outlet near your location here.
fr33kSh0w2012: I Live in Australia WE DON'T HAVE THEM HERE!
I just looked on the website - they have lots of outlets in Sydney. I assume it's fairly similar in other big cities.
fr33kSh0w2012: I Live in Australia WE DON'T HAVE THEM HERE!
Dzsono: I just looked on the website - they have lots of outlets in Sydney. I assume it's fairly similar in other big cities.
Yeah In Sydney NOT in bolton point in newcastle!
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