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yyahoo: I disagree with the interpretation of some of your facts. It's okay if we disagree, you know...
Navagon: All I'm really trying to say here is that the situation is far too unclear at the moment for there to be such certainty as you seemed to have. Like Trilarion says, time will tell. GOG simply have too much on their plate right now (including what now seems to be a resurgence of interest from 1C) for anyone to judge them for what they're not doing.
I'm not saying that I know for certain what is going on. I said I have my theory. I will disagree that there hasn't been any room in the release schedule for some simple DOSBox Microprose releases.

As I mentioned before, I don't claim that the games may not eventually come, but I am perturbed about the fact that there hasn't been a release in 6 months and concerned that the date coincides with the announcement of the Tommo/Night Dive collaboration.