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The creators of Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure are developing a second game called Near-Mage which was a very successful kickstarter and which will also come to GOG.

The three person team has worked really hard to be able to offer a playable prologue of the game on June 13th at 10 AM PDT. The prologue is approx. 40 minutes long and a purely narrative introduction to Near-Mage's world.
(if you don't use Twitter see attachments)

The game will come to GOG but it is not listed here yet, so for GOGers that prefer DRM-free (so most of us) I was given the honor to post a link to the newest DRM-free build of the playable prologue right here:
prologue1.jpg (188 Kb)
prologue2.jpg (363 Kb)
prologue3.jpg (170 Kb)
prologue4.jpg (282 Kb)
prologue5.jpg (375 Kb)
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Thanks for the information on the new game. Looking forward to playing this.
As a person who frequently visits Transylvania, I can tell you that it's definitely magic. Going there without an anti-magic ward of some kind is madness :P.
Awesome, thanks for letting us know!

I was a big fan of Gibbous, but didn't know the devs were making a new game. Good on them, it looks great and I can't wait. :D
Thanks for the news, looking forward to seeing what it's like.
Update: The link to the newest build of the prologue is now available in the OP. Enjoy :)