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The case is now closed!
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Original post:
The Hunt for the Holy Grail   (Mystery Giveaway)
After five months of vacation, the governor returns to the GOG Manor.  As he enters the office, he discovers the dead body of his faithful butler, crushed under the safe, a sheet of paper in hand.  The governor, believing that it's just a banal accident, hires another butler and forgets about the incident.

Five days later, he receives an arrogant letter from Carmen Sandiego :
       Dear Governor,
           An important document has been stolen from your safe, and was replaced by a fake !
           Your butler witnessed the burglary, and he hired a video game hero to hunt me down...
           Unfortunately, the poor hero is now rotting in jail, and the document is about to be sold !
           I recently had a little discussion with your butler, and the safe had the last word !

           Don't try to find me...
       Carmen Sandiego
Desperately wanting to recover the missing artifact, the governor decides to hire the most famous detectives, and you are one of them!  As a private investigator, your task is to identify the stolen document and the hero in captivity, and find out where Carmen Sandiego is hiding.  The first person who gives the correct combination of "document, hero and country" in a single post wins up to $15 to spend on GOG.

The document, the hero and the country were randomly chosen with the help of  From time to time, I'll give you some hints to narrow down the possibilities.  I've attached the pictures of all the documents, heroes and countries. This might be very helpful for some of the upcoming hints.
Good luck everyone!
The Prize
Up to $15 to spend on GOG, according to your forum level:

 ▪  1 Star:   $6
 ▪  2 Stars:  $8
 ▪  3 Stars:  $10
 ▪  4 Stars:  $12
 ▪  5 Stars:  $15
The Rules
1)  A minimum rep of 25 is required  (at least one star).
2)  Known scammers cannot participate.
3)  Only post one combination of "document, hero and country" at a time, and wait at least two hours before trying again.
4)  The prize is for personal use only.  No trading or re-gifting is allowed.
How to format your posts
Use the following format:  <document title> / <hero> / <country>

If you want to enter for another participant, please indicate his/her name in your post. If you win, your own forum level will be used to determine the value of his/her prize.
List of documents
 ▪  Accounting
   All annual reports, shares and falsified transactions

 ▪  Anti-DRM
   DRM-Free stickers with built-in DRM removal software

 ▪  Blueprints
   Amazing blueprints of GOG’s personal time machine

 ▪  Bug list
   List of all the bugs that need to be fixed by GOG

 ▪  Contracts
   All publishing deals and contracts with game publishers

 ▪  Floor plans
   Secret floor plans of GOG’s basement and other hideouts

 ▪  Galaxy Wars
   GOG’s secret plans for Galaxy: DRM annihilation project

 ▪  Game script
   Complete script of The Witcher 4: Rise of the Unicorns ™

 ▪  Gogbear's DNA
   DNA sample used by the Gogbears Cloning Facility ™

 ▪  Microfilms
   Top secret photos and documents of the competition

 ▪  Passwords
   All passwords used for databases and bank accounts

 ▪  Patents
   Patent documents about GOG’s DRM-Free technology

 ▪  Source codes
   Complete source codes and SDK of Galaxy

 ▪  User accounts
   Complete backup of all user accounts and sensitive data
List of heroes
 ▪  Alan Wake
 ▪  Alyx Vance
 ▪  April Ryan
 ▪  Batman
 ▪  Ben
 ▪  Cate Archer
 ▪  Chell
 ▪  Chuck Greene
 ▪  Chun-Li
 ▪  Duke Nukem
 ▪  Eddie Riggs
 ▪  Faith Connors
 ▪  Francis York Morgan
 ▪  Gabriel Knight
 ▪  Garrett
 ▪  Geralt of Rivia
 ▪  Gordon Freeman
 ▪  Guybrush Threepwood
 ▪  Indiana Jones
 ▪  Isaac Clarke
 ▪  Jade
 ▪  JC Denton
 ▪  Jill Valentine
 ▪  Kit Ballard
 ▪  Konoko
 ▪  Lara Croft
 ▪  Lee Everett
 ▪  Leon Scott Kennedy
 ▪  Max Payne
 ▪  Sam Fisher
 ▪  Sherlock Holmes
 ▪  Solid Snake
 ▪  Tex Murphy
 ▪  The Prince
 ▪  Thomas Angelo
 ▪  Zo&euml; Castillo
List of countries
 ▪  Australia
 ▪  Belgium
 ▪  Brazil
 ▪  Canada
 ▪  China
 ▪  Colombia
 ▪  Cuba
 ▪  Denmark
 ▪  Egypt
 ▪  Finland
 ▪  France
 ▪  Germany
 ▪  Greece
 ▪  Hungary
 ▪  India
 ▪  Ireland
 ▪  Italy
 ▪  Jamaica
 ▪  Japan
 ▪  Norway
 ▪  Panama
 ▪  Peru
 ▪  Philippines
 ▪  Portugal
 ▪  Russia
 ▪  South Korea
 ▪  Spain
 ▪  Sweden
 ▪  Switzerland
 ▪  Thailand
 ▪  Turkey
 ▪  Ukraine
 ▪  United Kingdom
 ▪  United States
 ▪  Uruguay
 ▪  Vietnam
Current clues

 ▪  Friedrich Miescher has nothing to do with the stolen document.
 ▪  It's not Aim&eacute; De Mesmaeker 's worst nightmare.
 ▪  Apparently, it's not a top secret document.
 ▪  No pen or pencil appears on the clue's picture.
 ▪  The document has nothing to do with <span class="bold">this thread</span>.
 ▪  The document has nothing to do with <span class="bold">Raul's Wild Kingdom</span>.
 ▪  The document is not written in <span class="bold">this language</span>.
 ▪  Grace Murray Hopper is not involved.
 ▪  The title of the document was not an American television game show.
 ▪  You won't find the document in this <span class="bold">Youtube video</span>

 ▪  The hero doesn't wear a deerstalker.
 ▪  The hero doesn't wear a fedora.
 ▪  The hero has no relation with LucasArts.
 ▪  The hero doesn't wear sunglasses.
 ▪  The hero has no relation with Valve.
 ▪  The hero is not a character from Resident Evil.
 ▪  The hero doesn't wear a tie.
 ▪  The hero is not a novelist.
 ▪  The hero is not known as "The World's Greatest Detective".
 ▪  The hero doesn't wear a device to improve his/her vision.
 ▪  It's in fact a heroine.

 ▪  You won't find Raúl Castro in this country.
 ▪  No eagle appears on the country's flag.
 ▪  The name of this country appears on postal stamps.
 ▪  No black color appears on the country's flag (excluding outlines).
 ▪  No white cross appears on the country's flag (excluding the outlines and the coat of arms).
 ▪  No horizontal yellow/saffron stripe appears on the country's flag (crosses are not considered as stripes).
 ▪  No white star appears on the country's flag.
 ▪  The country's flag is not red and white only.
 ▪  It's not a Scandinavian country.
 ▪  The red color appears on the country's flag.
 ▪  The country is not in Europe (excluding Eurasia).

 ▪  <span class="bold">All guesses in PDF format</span>  (Posts 1 - 930)
documents.jpg (486 Kb)
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5th guess:

Accounting/Lara Croft/China
Floor Plans / Batman / China
Guess #30:
Microfilms / Leon S. Kennedy / China
Accounting / Zoe C. / China
Accounting / Alan Wake / China

p.s. As long as this is taking, it probably won't last long enough for me to get to 2 stars ;)
Post edited May 29, 2015 by bler144
Game script / Chell / China.

ZFR: EIDT: typo
Yup. Definitely.
Bug list / Geralt of Rivia / China
Game script / Garrett / China.
Game Script / Chuck Greene / China
Patents / Alan Wake / China
Floor plans/Garrett/China
Floor Plans / Gabriel Knight / China
Anti-DRM / Alan Wake / China
Guess #61:
Source Codes / Eddie Riggs / China