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Children are so selfish, their always trying to monopolize the right to act childish. But you shouldn't let them, refuse to act your age and play with your legos.
Don't worry about what other people think of you. Only worry about what you think of yourself. You're the one with the insecurities. :P
Play with it you silly person.

Also modify the cannons to make them shoot like the original cannons did.
Of course I still haven't posted my Lego porn pic here which makes the whole thing seem empty.
What an attentive and loving wife you have. Enjoy your renewed childhood! :)
Maxvorstadt: @fortune_p_dawg:
Maybe she`s saying: "I love you and want to make you happy."?
Definitely, there's no question about it.
My wife got me a pirate leg for Father's Day. I'm worried that in the middle of the night, she'll amputate!
I agree with everyone else - Play and have fun! And its a win for both of you. You get to have fun and she gets some quiet time out of the deal too.

(Reading the thread I am feeling like a crappy wife. I got my husband nothing. lol. Though I did comment to him that I should have gotten him a card from the cat.)
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fortune_p_dawg: i explained to her that i used to play on the floor of my room at night and pretend the nightlight was the moon shining against the sea. and she was like "oh hey thats a cool memory!"


to play, or not to play, that is the question....
Sir, Are you sure you are talking about playing with legos and not about your wife?


If it's about legos then do it.
If it's about wife then you must do it! ;)
One of my favourite things about having a kid that loves Lego?

I get to play Lego all the time.
I understand on the face of it legos feels like a lame gift; but the wife should get points for trying something different. I sometimes try to think of gifts that are more 'fun' or stuff people wouldn't buy themselves. Practice or predictable gifts are nice but really... the more inventive and unique the better and legos definitely fit that bill. complaining about the appropriateness of legos for adults on a video gaming site seems a bit odd. At the end of the day, we're all still 'kids at heart.'
Maxvorstadt: @fortune_p_dawg:
Maybe she`s saying: "I love you and want to make you happy."?
Yes, I think this is exactly what she was saying. Don't read into it too much.
tinyE: I hate you. If I was married all my wife would get me is socks! :P
Which you'd probably use inappropriately. ;-)
Enjoy your Lego's...
Well I've heard the rumor that "the cool thing about kids is you can play with them" :)
They pirate legos now? j/k, nvm... i'm hungover...