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blotunga: They pirate legos now? j/k, nvm... i'm hungover...

Fuck yeah, I would. Especially if I wanted a piece that's no longer sold. I'd convert the Ldraw datafiles to something usable in 3D printer software and have the bricks created.

EDIT: Also, as mentioned earlier, there is no plural of "Lego".
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You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.
blotunga: They pirate legos now? j/k, nvm... i'm hungover...
I believe the patent on Legos expired (or something like that), so it's actually legal to pirate them now. As long as you don't label them as "Lego" or copy some existing brick set.

Which, AFAIK, is one of the reasons why
1) you see more "pirate" versions than real ones in stores these days
2) Lego is so heavily involved in video games these days.
I don't know if you have any kids, but my thought about men playing with Lego is: having kids is just an excuse to play with Lego again. My brother-in-law has an attic full of Lego and he plays as much with it with his kids as on his own.

But, but, isn't piracy wrong? I'd go for the real stuff. Lego spaceships FTW!
tinyE: That is a joke I would tell. ...
Ouch. That hurt! ;-)
Acting your age has nothing to do with what toys you play with. Adults who think playing with Legos is childish is simply trying to be some kind of "I am more of a grown up than you" elitist or are extremely insecure. And then because they are extremely insecure and are denied the pleasure from playing with Legos, they want to deny you that pleasure too. Why? Because most people SUCK.
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The hypocrisy is strong in this one. :P