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Elmofongo: All I want is an HD remaster of FF XII like they did with X.
MMLN: Yeah, I am in the same boat. And put the translated Zodiac Job version on the Blu-Ray disc as well.
LiquidOxygen80: I feel parts of what OP is trying to say, because even Japanese developers will admit that Japanese developers are in a rut. They make badly overdesigned characters that have no real character. They make large grandiose set pieces, but only let you explore narrow corridors in them. The storylines they put out are a mishmash hodgepodge of frankly confusing plot devices that never manage to tie together well, and they're stuck making moe animu waifus for frankly, one of the worst audiences in terms of trying new things. (Weebs.)

Now, before someone gets mad at me for tossing weeaboo around, let me preface this a bit, by saying that there IS a difference between an anime fan and a weeaboo, but weebs tend to be dominating that part of the market, so devs seem to be pandering more to that demographic. My opinion on FF isn't going to be popular, as I feel that there hasn't been a good one since Tactics. I hated 8, 9, every iteration of X you can think of. In the mean time, Square has all kinds of properties that haven't been touched on in a long time. (Most Enix properties, like Front Mission. No, I don't count that lame attempt at making an action game out of it either.)

They haven't been making very immersive worlds or games and Japanese developers know this, which is why they've been forthcoming about how much Western open world games have been blowing their minds. (Skyrim, GTA, etc)
Capcom even made a fairly good attempt with Dragon's Dogma, but repeat success seems evasive. I think it's all a shame, as during the 16 and 32 bit eras, I predominantly played JRPG on console, and western on PC. I'd like for Japan to rebound and start giving us wellmade and well crafted stories again.
MMLN: For me, the open world games are plague of the industry... I always get bored after few hours of playing them... That is one of the reasons, why I am more excited over the new Star Ocean, than FFXV.
I can see that. My biggest problem with the open world games, with the exclusion of the GTA series, which never seems to run out of things for you to do, is the copy-pasting that a lot of the older games used to put to use, in order to have such large worlds to explore. NPCs with the same faces, but different hair or clothes, lack of design in some areas, cities that don't feel like cities, or just vast stretches of nothing. If you can't do an open world game WELL, then, in my opinion, you really shouldn't do one at all and just stick to critical areas.