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This is the list of persons I have successfully traded with:

• Impaler26
• roelibex
• Giltonnam
• UnrealQuakie
• cmdr_flashheart
• grynn
• triock
• MoonGoddess
• Drakhyrr
• Killigangog
• Braussie

I checked all my chat logs to find them. Hopefully I haven't miss any, but maybe I did because many chat logs were broken with missing conversations from a few years ago. If I have missed anyone, please let me know.
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list of persons I have successfully traded with:

+ apehater

+ X-com

Thank you guys!!!
Successfully traded with:

very good trader!

+ wanderer_27
Successfully traded with:


This is the list of persons I have successfully traded with:

* DeMignon
Updated list of people I've successfully traded with.

Here are a few links to verify:
Fuin (x3) - post 5184 on previous page to this link
wanderer_27 post 5168 on previous page to this link
list of persons I have successfully traded with:

MarkoH01 ---> very very kind, I'm sure I'm not the first one to notice that!
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Successfully traded with:

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Successfully Traded with:

BrokenSaint x3

wanderer_27 x9001



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Successful Trades:
X-com (Jan 2016)
timmy010 (Jan 2016)
maxoliveira (Jan 2016)
misteryo (May 2017)
Successful Trades:

X-com (June 2017)
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Successfully traded with:
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Successfully traded with:


Thank you for being so honest and helpful!
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Successfully traded with:

X-com (link)
wanderer_27 (link)
VampiroAlhazred (link)
BenKii (link)

Many thanks!
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