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timppu: Unfortunately your pictures were cut so that one can't see what it says on the top for "Sort by:". So, what does it say, and does that change too?

For me it says by default "Sort by: Purchase Date", and I do see the "newest" games on top, always. So no shuffling here. Not sure if there is shuffling in other "sort by"-settings like "Title", and no idea if that default setting can be changed somewhere, or is it that "purchase date" for all users?
micktiegs_8: I always have it on purchase date. I tried other sorts and it was still all over the shop. I just tried title now and it starts at 'C' and seems fine up til the last 18 remaining spots that are just random lol.
I'm so glad I've only got 60 odd games showing and not the whole 370.
I switch between tags order and purchase date, depending on if I'm looking for something specific or just a general type of game. I did notice that purchase date is nowhere near accurate. It has some of the most recently purchased as one of the first purchased and the other way. I really can't go by purchase date because it is not accurate at all. To be honest, neither is the newest first, which I think is suppose to be in reference to the date the game was released. Newest first has some games that were made in the 90s as some of the newest games I have. They were also some of the first games I've bought, so it isn't referencing new to GoG.

Generally I think the ordering is inaccurate no matter which category you choose except for tags order, which is what I primarily leave it on anyway.
Tekkaman-James: The "New" tag is still showing on my newest purchases. The tag has always been fickle about the criteria that causes it to appear. I am very curious what the actual algorithm is that dictates when it goes away. Regardless, it is still appearing for me.
Special_Lifeform: Imo the "New" disappears if you click on the game in the library at least one, so that it shows the download links. Not immediately, but afterwards the "New" disappears. Not sure how much time in takes but should be less than one day.
I've actually bought Firewatch yesterday. I *think* I didn't click on it, but it doesn't show "New" tag.
It's not an issue for me though, I just thought it was a curiosity.
Confirmed the problem on my end is fixed and SOFTPORN IS BACK!

Thanks gog but you guys need way better communication to your users.
sorting as fixed as well, but softporn not back yet.
Mine is finely sorted as well.
Finally the issue has been fixed.

Now all I need is an option to set classic installers as default (siriously after all this mess I thought library and game downloads would have some more options! Ahh guess it was just a bug).
Hmm, Softporn went missing on me today. Not like I was going to play it.

Edit: Aaaand it just came back with a "new" flag. Makes me wonder what it was up to.
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My library is still out of order, with new games all over the place. It’s been months like this..... I was hoping GOG would have a fix by now...
gamer1fp: My library is still out of order, with new games all over the place. It’s been months like this..... I was hoping GOG would have a fix by now...
Strange, the issue seems to be fixed for months now. Did you try sorting your library by purchase date, alphabetically?
oh wait my bad! it is fixed now. I just forgot to change the setting after the initial problem. Thanks for the reply. all is well in my library again.... Back to gaming....