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150+ deals up to 85% off in the Most Wanted Games Sale

UPDATE: Still on the hunt? The Saints Row and Metro series just got added to our Most Wanted list for up to 75% off, so all you quality-seeking desperados know what to do!

Many out of ten gamers agree: a healthy wishlist is key to a happy lifestyle.
Case in point, we just launched a sale on over one hundred fifty of the most wishlisted games and DLC on GOG.COM.

That's not the only reason to have a wishlist – give a few pointers to your friends, family, and rich internet strangers; accidentally send it to all your contacts (oops); or if you're waiting for the sale, which you are, we'll let you know when it's time to spend some cash (it's now).

So what tops our community's wishlists?
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and expansions hold the #1 spot – grab the complete Game of the Year Edition at 60% off, or continue the story with Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine both 50% off.
A close second – Planescape: Torment – the legendary RPG's Enhanced Edition is 67% off right now. Followed by the genre-defining Baldur's Gate II in third place – now at 75% off the Enhanced Edition.

The GOG.COM community has an excellent taste in games – the Most Wanted Sale also features Divinity: Original Sin 2 (-15%), Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (-35%), Darkest Dungeon (-60%), Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (-75%), SUPERHOT (-50%), Deus Ex (-85%) and over a hundred more up to 85% off!

Do right by your GOG.COM wishlist with the Most Wanted Games Sale, lasting until April 23, 10 PM UTC.
Who is responsible for these PR stunts novadays .
nightcraw1er.488: 197 games on the wishlist, about 10 discounted. Ranging from 9% to 20%, with two at 60% and 80% off.

Oooh, the excitement...
ikrananka: Pretty much the same feeling here.

179 games on my wishlist, about 25 discounted, with most discounts around 33 to 50%. Doesn't sound that bad except for the fact that these levels of discounts have all been offered before. I passed on them before so will be passing on them again. Very lacklustre and disappointing - just another rinse and repeat sale it would seem.
nice sales... i own many good games already for a long while (many seem to been on many sales in the past) so no good sale for me, but the games listed are very good games.
Anyway i saw lots of owned so i have all the games i like that are on sale .
Vythonaut: curious about who would be the other two riders though. Did anyone figured it out yet?
Ixamyakxim: I'll be honest the one in the middle looks like my Fem-Shep from Mass Effect. Not to roll the hype train or anything LOL.
I'm guessing maybe it's just some random looking action character or the main character from Bombshell?
Right, could be the Bombshell gal. And, ahhh, Mass Effect... i wonder when EA decides to do the obvious thing and release the series on GOG.

greeklover: Btw when was the last time Bethesda gave -75%?
Morrowind & Doom 3 were offered with such a big discount last December. Maybe some others too.

mintee: once again, thanks!
No problem! ;)
Arcanum has been on sale mulitple time for usually 75% off but now it's 35% off?!

A little strange to say the least.....

Do right by your GOG.COM wishlist with the Most Wanted Games Sale, lasting until April 23, 10 PM UTC.
Is this means no other weekly offer / weekend deal / special promo / daily deal until this ends ?
Breja: This was probably already touched upon, but am I the only one who finds it weird that so high on the "most wishlisted" list are apparently the much maligned Enchanced Editions of Planescape and Baldur's Gate, games that at least in their classic editions you'd think anyone with even passing interest would already own by now?
nightcraw1er.488: Why is that weird?
I really don't know how to make it any clearer than I just did :P
Hmmm ... only 2 games from my wishlist and these doesn't really have a solid discount, so thanks, but it seems I'll have to pass on this one.

However, maybe I buy something else :)
nightcraw1er.488: Why is that weird?
Breja: I really don't know how to make it any clearer than I just did :P
Yea, sorry, just took the chance at some beamdog bashing when it was presented.
Strange that apparently very few people have the Adventures of Van Helsing on their wishlist since GoG seems to adamantly refuse to put it on sale despite it being nearly at 75% on most Steam sales already.
5 games so far? Expected a bit bigger number.
My wishes are probably not so common.
low rated
You said Monday and now is Monday 6p.m. Where are all those winners?
BeatriceElysia: You said Monday and now is Monday 6p.m. Where are all those winners?
I remember the release date of the enhanced Planescape was, let's say Monday. It came available about 11:50 pm that day Helsinki time.

Apparently they're emailing people with the gifts throughout the day. Manually, I guess.
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BeatriceElysia: You said Monday and now is Monday 6p.m. Where are all those winners?
Chill out. You seem terribly worked up about this.
12 out of 38 on sale but the prices are not near where I want them to be.
high rated
GOG boasting on a news emphatizing things out of proportion is nothing new, it's basically all they do. They have to do something to make things seems lively in some way and not having real proof to show that, they have to improvise.
They did worse in the past, so nothing to be too upset about this time. Those are plain old not so great discounts, but someone could find something he wanted anyway. Unfortunately the only games with high discounts are the ones that are usually not worth their normal prices. And the ones that are usually overpriced have very small discounts.
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