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Post your favourite hacking scenese from movies/TV shows.
in the late 90s there was a Canadian television show called La Femme Nikita. got pretty popular south of the border in its early years. so in it, there was this one time where Nikita needed to access and interfere with something on a computer. one of Nikita's handlers watching her mission back at HQ (just saying it this way for clarity without going into the details), the tech guy, talked her through what she needed to do. I don't remember all of the scene, but, I do remember him saying early "type exactly what I say. ps ax"

didn't realize til many years later this was all legit and probably one of the most honest depictions of interference with a system in television or film up to that point and years later.
You are evil.

Biggest bug bear in film making for geeks, the "hacking" scene.

Most accurate. Top of my head... Trinity port scanning the Power station in Matrix 2
this ?
Obviously this one.
This whole movie is worth a watch :D
Ahh Hackers. Fun little movie that. I heard the hacking scenes in it used in a good way once. Someone used it as an example of how to visualize the matrix in the Shadowrun PnP game.

They did get one thing right though. Part of how they hacked in was guessing/stealing passwords. Its been my understanding that the weakest link in any system is the end user. :)

And NCIS always makes me giggle a little. I like the show, its enjoyable enough to watch, but the way to treat the science in it is always funny.

One tattooed goth lady is supposed to be able to run that lab for the entire NCIS herself, and always has lab results within some unimaginably short amount of time?

Sure, uh huh.

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There was quite a nice BBC article on this a while ago:
This game.

Edit: Doh, only movies! Still I leave it here for interested..
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wpegg: There was quite a nice BBC article on this a while ago:
I was impressed with the use of real SQL code in Elysium, nice to know I'll still be able to get a job in the future.
Ok, this is my entry then:
That was quite funny. I always thought there's a lot more command line/hexadecimal/assembly wizardry in hacking than rotating cube thingies and cat videos, but what do I know?
Most accurate, non-sarcastic portrayal of hacking or using technology for nefarious deeds in a film ever is "The Italian Job (1969)". In order to secure a quick get away they "hack" the computer controlling the traffic lights.

By "hack", they hired a programmer to make an altered version of the code, then tricked their way into the computer room and swapped out the tape reel.

In the nearly 50 years since, no one I'm aware of has ever come that close to a realistic portrayal of hacking.
johnnygoging: I do remember him saying early "type exactly what I say. ps ax"
But then what do you do if they respond by typing "start counterstrike"???