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Sneaky? Sneakier? the Sneakiest? Thief!

Want to enhance your Thief™ experience? Well,, yours truly, has prepared a guide to some of the most common community-created mods to upgrade your Thief experience with higher resolution, better textures and many new missions. The beautiful Thief community deserves a lot of praise for the hard work they’d put in making those modifications possible. Congratulations from

<span class="bold">THIEF&trade; GOLD all-in-one fix
Our user voodoo47 (thanks!) has prepared a nice little package with most important graphics fixes, prepared by many Thief modders. here. This package contains:
- DDfix: fixes issues with modern graphics hardware, fixes cutscenes, prevents some crashes and errors, changes the hardcoded resolution for menu screen.
- Thief Enhancement Pack: a lot of improved models & textures
- Other small fixes
Note: to avoid any problems it is advised not to install the game in a protected Win folder (like /Program Files or /Windows)

If you feel like THIEF GOLD is too easy (i.e. you're clearly Garrett), you can also try the [url=" target="_blank]Ultimate Difficulty Mod[/url].

<span class="bold">Thief&trade; II: The Metal Age mods:
[url=" target="_blank]DDfix[/url]: you need to download both DDfix and fixed Thief II .exe file
[url=" target="_blank]Thief Enhancement Pack[/url]: improved models, textures
[url=" target="_blank]NTEX high-res texture pack[/url]: 136 new textures
[url=" target="_blank]Ultimate Difficulty Mod 2[/url]: for the most difficult Thief II experience

Fan-made missions:
To play Fan Made missions for Thief you will need DarkLoader from [url=" target="_blank][/url].
1. Download and extract DarkLoader 4.3.1b Package
2. Run DarkLoader.exe
3. Add mission directory (where you will store .zip missions), TG and T2 directory.
4. Don’t bother with any error messages. Run DarkLoader.exe again, select level and play!

You can find A LOT of maps here: . If you don&rsquo;t know which ones to choose, visit [url=" target="_blank]this thread from TTLG forum which is a great guide to fan missions. Here’s a few missions we found particularly interesting:

[url=" target="_blank]Bloodstone Prison[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Autumn in Lampfire Hills[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Calendra's Cistern[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]The Saint of Redmound[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Lorgan's Web[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Events in Highrock[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]The Mystery Man[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Shadow of Doubt (campaign)[/url]
Lord Edmund Entertains!
[url=" target="_blank]Sepulchre of the Sinistral[/url]

Thief™ II: The Metal Age:
[url=" target="_blank]Calendra's Legacy[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Relic - Left4Dead[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Ominous Bequest[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]The 7th Crystal[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]The Art of Thievery[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Lord Alan's Fortress[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Rowena’s Curse[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Inverted Manse[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Dracula Reloaded[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Bathory - The Campaign[/url]

T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age
Also, you can check the unofficial Thief II expansion: T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age, which features 13 new missions, ten new weapons and hundreds of new models, textures and sounds. Visit to find out more about the project and [url=" target="_blank]download.

To expand your Thief-related knowledge you can visit:
[url=" target="_blank]Thief - The Circle[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Through The Looking Glass forums[/url]
[url=" target="_blank]Keep of Metal and Gold[/url]

Note: We’ve tried these mods out ourselves and haven’t had any problems with them, but whenever you install programs off the Internet or modify a pre-existing program, you’re doing so at your own risk. Our legal kobolds advise us that we need to tell you that we aren’t responsible for any damage, loss of data, or Chuck Testa that may happen to your computer as a result of trying out these mods. Back up all your saves, back up your backups, and strap yourselves in for some awesome sneaking action!
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SimonG: For the time being it is on the Wiki. As are all mod spotlights, under the "modding section" on the corresponding game pages.

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