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Could be due to different administrations.

Disney also focused on acquiring Fox's franchises like X-men or Avatar and the Justice Department focused on the impact on sports programming which Disney was wiling to let go so they might have just negotiated better. Disney has good lawyers.

Yeah, I dont know why FTC is jumping in now as this acquisition would "enable Microsoft to suppress competitors to Xbox gaming consoles and Gamepass" when the exact same argument can be made by Disney with the Fox acquisition essentially "suppressing competition" in superhero movies.
So, Obsidian making a sequel to Arcanum headed by Tim and Leonard is out of the question now?
paladin181: How many other major mergers have they ignored, too? Are they only interested in this because it's from Microsoft?
Probably, perhaps triggered by memories of the 90s stuff. Or just a surface level understanding of this market sector and thinking MS runs video games like they do desktops.