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jjsimp: Anyone have the Slayer's Show No Mercy Album. I recently got a new CD (old one was scratched all to hell), and the vocals I can barely hear. Almost sounds like a bootleg from a concert, but it was purchased from Amazon.
Am I imagining things that my original album I could hear the vocals. I threw away my old CD, so I have no way of comparing it.
CD is labeled as 2004.
Mine's labeled 1993. No issues with sound levels being unproportional.

buckstone: always enjoyed old b&w style black metal videos....

*warning* sense of humor needed
lol Fucking awesome. Have you ever seen "Black Metal Cookies"?
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opeth - ending credits

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Saw this not too long ago, Dave Mustaine on Drew Carey.
Technically speedcore / industrial, but anyone got contacts in Manchester for gigswaps etc for this lot?!
(reminds me of Amen / Berzerker / Anal Cunts).

I'm not sure how I feel about this......

I'm not sure how I feel about this......
Thanks for that. Not the 8 bit music, but I didn't know youtube had full albums on the site. I was able to listen to a couple Full Opeth Albums. The only one I have is Deliverance. I may have to buy a couple more.
Random finding via
...Billy Joels metal band, Atilla...

Don't forget your furry loincloth!
* * * * *

also, my mates: The Bastard Sons, are playing some US dates this week!
If you need a good laugh today: read THIS.
Sachys: If you need a good laugh today: read THIS.
Haha, I sure hope he wasn't serious. But with the comment that Cobain stabbed himself in the face, instead of the shotgun to the face, I take it he was being humorous.

How in the Bloody Hell could anyway think the Foo Fighters are a Speed Metal band?
I still cannot fgure it out bud!

and thats "food fighters"...
exodus - good day to die
you cant dislike this song if you are a metal fan \m/
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In regards to my Show No Mercy album and the lousy quality, I found a link to the youtube Album and it sounds better than that CD I recently purchased...despite probably being a 128bit mp3. I will look around for the 1994 version of that CD. Amazon lists one as 1994, but that is the one I purchased and it's from 2004.

Also, I wasn't aware Jeff Hanneman died. I somehow must of missed that last May. [url=]RIP Jeff Hanneman[/url].