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Opeth - Deliverance

Bloodbath - Eaten
Rammstein - Du Hast:
macuahuitlgog: WOW, awesome song. It is too bad I have never heard this until today. What movie are they showing?
nmillar: The Gene Generation.

Interesting bit of trivia: the drummer is Joe Letz, who is also the drummer for Eighteen Visions and Wednesday 13. Wes Borland (of Limp Bizkit fame) was the guitarist on the Making Monsters album / tour.
It fits so perfectly with the song.
Enslaved - As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
If you guys never listened to romanian metal, this would be the perfect beginning:

Negura Bunget - Cunoasterea Tacuta:

Watch the video too, it's awesome.
Biomechanical - Final Offence
Biomechanical - DNA Metastasis
Swashbuckle - Scurvy Back
Realm - Endless War
Iron Maiden
The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
Toxik - WIR NJN 8/In God
Helstar - Rhapsody in Black/Baptized in Blood
Liege Lord - Eye Of The Storm
RISK - Turn Back To Ecstasy
Dethklok - Awaken

It's totally nots dildos.
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Diamond Head - Am I Evil? New Wave of British Heavy Metal \m/--( - - )--\m/
gameon my friend now this is my kind of thread

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Fenixp: Just look at this and be happy. (No it's not just another song)
That is........beautiful Im/
Obscure Sphinx - Nastiez
Kalmah - Evil in You
Insomnium - Disengagement
Mors Principium Est - Pure
Fenixp: Just look at this and be happy. (No it's not just another song)

Ensiferum - Deathbringer From The Sky: