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Our story starts in America in the 30s, in Boston. Our hero, Aiden H. Ingram is investigating the disappearance of his wife, when he stumbles upon a clue. The clue – a letter – invites him to the old continent, Europe…

Aiden soon finds himself in the midst of a mysterious cult and an ancient conspiracy. In the desperate search for his wife, his only companions are fear and loneliness, while a horrible secret starts to unfold before him…


We’re not trying to hide the fact that several huge games had influenced us irrevocably, when we had dreamed Maze. The depressing and fair stealth system of the first games in the Thief series, just like the sanity loss element in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, or just like the damage system in the former. Noticeably, the claustrophobic atmosphere of Arx Fatalis and the perfect vulnerability in Alien Isolation had inspired us also. The list could go on, but our main goal was to create a unique blend never experienced before. Our greatest influence had been the works of H.P. Lovecraft. With a completely new and unique storyline, our purpose was to achieve what no other Lovecraft game had, or had only partly achieved. Stealth, escape, puzzles, survival and action mixed together in one game.


– Stealth system: sound and light sensitive intelligent A.I., distraction, behavior learning enemies
– Active damage system: injuries appropriate of placement and manner of attack, like biting, crushing, bullet wound, etc., which require different methods of healing
– Crafting system: weapons, healing products, defense and distraction devices created via combining and using found items
– Puzzles and logic games, and an investigation spanning the entire game, whose elements need to be put together by the player
– Evolved and reactive close combat system
– Personalizable difficulty and continously followable stats for hardcore gamers

Our objective

Our unconcealed goal is to breathe new life into the carcass of Lovecraftian games. We woud like to create the experience of fear of the unknown and uncomprehensible in an exciting and frightening game. Standing on the shoulder of giants, we’re trying to fathom what a gamer would desire, who loves horror and maybe also knows the dark visions of Lovecraft, the true master of horror.
Steam Greenlight page

But i'd like to purchase it on Gog .
Post edited August 22, 2015 by ne_zavarj
Looks and sounds neat, I hope it turns out okay.
ne_zavarj: But i'd like to purchase it on Gog .
Looks ok, but then steam only [/interest]
Update : The game has been Greenlit by the Steam community .
Seems cool, I'd like to see it here too, of course.