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^ Thinks that cows can only be killed with a steak through the heart.
^ Thinks that vampires are poisoned by cow meat, but how else are they going to leave peacefully with humans?

Edit: Meant to say live wtf.
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^ Neglected to tell us where they will be leaving with the humans.
^ As Christmas draws nigh, he looks forward to his local grocer stocking his favorite seasonal beverage, Dickens Cider.
Yes, every night during the season, he just can't wait to get home and get his Dickens Cider.
^ His name is what he says when he consumes the beverage. "Hooyaah!"
^ is currently enjoying playing Wind Breakers. He breaks wind a lot.
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^ Hates me for some reason.
^ He may be my favorite forum poster currently.
^ He may be my favorite poster boy for what happens when you don't shave for three or four decades.
^ May be my favorite example of absolutely not caring about username, title or avatar.
^ Might be a redneck, or might actually be Jeff Foxworthy, for all I know.
^ He's his own grandpa.
^ He thinks he's his own grandma (it's a Norman Bates type of situation).
^ would like to own a motel just like Norrman Bates had.
^ Lives in a motel, but certainly doesn't own it. That would be beneath him.