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^ Has a golden, glowing aura that is due to radiation exposure.
^ He took a radioactive Viagra pill and became a superhero.
^ his half-life begins at 50.
^ He's as old as the Dead Sea and twice as deep.
^ His half-life ends at 50. After that it becomes his half-life 2.
^ He just got ninjaed... again.
^ Can't even know whether i was maybe posting right after him on purpose.
^ He does not know that I know what he does not know that I know.
^ I know you know that i'm not telling the truth.
^ I also know that you know so.
^ Just got Psyched out, and is about to have a half-life crisis.

EDIT: Interrupts me.
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^ He is, perhaps, the most interruptible forum poster.
^ Is actually the fabled interrupting cow.
^ Because he "has a cow" each time that he is interrupted, his herd now easily covers two states and totals well over a million head.
^ keeps asking why people should buy the cow when they can get the beefsteak for free.