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^ Wrote a great opus about opium.
^ He rumpled the skin of Rumpelstiltskin..
^ He rumpled the foreskin of his cellmate.
^ He is a rabbi who performs circumcisions for "tips."
^ He bought gribenes from a mohel.
^ only drinks coffee made by Medusa.
^ Only french kisses people who look like Diana.
^ He was recently osculated by a dog.
^ Hobbits are his most hated household pest.
^ Doesn't share as much food as Dwarves need when an unexpected dinner party shows up
^ Eats Dwarves for breakfast.
^ likes to go hiking icebergs for sport.
^ Last name is Iceberg.
^ When asked by an acquaintance whether or not they should go grab a burger, he replied, "lettuce."
^ isn't ashamed to admit that he likes "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" more than "Once Upon a Time in the West".