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^ He won't Lego my Eggo,
^ He won't lego my leg! Get off of me and stop trying to drag me into your van!
^ Has a Lego Legolas.
low rated
^Gave said lego lass to HMA


HeresMyAccount: He got an early start then; everyone knows that people began doing that this year.
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^ Wishes crossover stories weren't always cringe fan-fiction garbage.
^Rummages through garbage to find fan-fiction cringe crossover stories that he stores in his collection at home which is worth over $10,000,000,000
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^ thinks that throwing a book at someone is the harshest punishment someone could do to someone else.
^ Defended BookCrazy in court and managed to get a deal for him to only get hanged, drawn and quartered instead of getting the book thrown at him.
^ sells gaming desktops and laptops that use chips manufactured by Frito-Lay.
^ Thinks microchips only work if he smashes them and knocks small chips out of them.
^ He has a tiny metallic device which was planted by aliens at the base of his brain stem.
^ is now four times as large as the state of Texas.
^ He goes to Belgium to eat Texas toast.
Working tirelessly
^ single-handedly ended the last Ice Age, heating the planet.
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