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^ He resides, undetectable, one mile underground beneath a concealed barrier of very thick bomb resistant concrete and rebar in a domicile powered by thermonuclear energy.
^ He bribed Homer Simpson at the plant with a few smokes, so he'd dance to the flashing red lights to the equipment that powered the underground domicile.
He paid Bart Simpson 30 francs , 2 cheeseburgers, and 1 sloppy second to keep Ubersite dot com alive.
He's the brother of Amanda Hugandkiss, and informed Moe that she was currently in the restroom when he received a phone call for her.
^ He prank calls Bart Simpson, giving him all the ideas for his subsequent prank calls to Moe.
^ Stole the Mona-Lisa and replaced it with a cheap photocopy.
Stole the photocopy thinking it was genuine.
^ wears 3D glasses when operating a 3D printer.
^ 3D printed some 3D glasses and wonders why they don't function
^ 3D printed a chair so they could relax by the pool.
3D-printed an automatic dingo to keep the kids off his lawn.
^ sells 3D-printed 3D printers.
Sold seashells to Aquaman and build a sea wall with the money.
^ Tried to sell seashells by the seashore until realizing that people could just collect them for free, and then decided to sell them farther inland instead.
^ Spends 8 hours a day browsing the internet for a fitting avatar, but wasn't able to decide yet. "Oh well, Oct 2014 wasn't that long ago anyway, so what's the hurry for?"