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^ Provided a place for dick1982 to hide from the CCP for his hunny related crimes.
InSaint has been keeping the living Xi-faced Pooh plushy safe from the SCP.
^ Conspires to put nuts into the food of people who are allergic.
^ Provides the nuts by stealing them from people who are not allergic.
^ He once ordered an ice cream sundae. Then he asked for extra chocolate syrup and the vendor smiled and said "Sure." So, next he asked for extra whipped cream and the server complied. Next Seba_ 86 requested some extra cherries on top and the vendor began to get a bit irritated, but tossed on the cherries. Finally, he said "and the nuts..." The ice cream vendor interrupted him, saying, "Don't worry sir, I'll be happy to crush your nuts."
^ is considering to run for TX governorship. He's for all good things and against all bad things.
^ Is considering running as a politician for Indonesia. He's undecided about every issue.
^ He was recently elected and intends to abstain from every vote.
Supported Ee-Or for his run as president for life of Burma.
^ He is always there to put Eeyore's tail back on and supplies Pooh with plenty of Honey.
^ can cure cancer, but he won't, because he has invested a lot in big pharma stocks.
Plans to short Microsoft stocks, and marry Melinda not-Gates.
^ Has 1982 dicks, and somehow fits them all into his pants.
^ takes pleasure in exposing his account to many people in public spaces.
^ Doesn't take into account the publicity that would expose me to.