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Happens to possess the pin impregnated caudal appendage that accompanies said parts...
^ He intends to sell said caudal appendage for a tidy profit.
^ doesn't want to buy the appendage, but is interested to rent it.
^ Has only prosthetic limbs... and a prosthetic body... and is a sex doll.
^ He does unspeakable things (or so I have heard tell) with that poor inanimate anthropomorphically articulated and life-like "model."
^ Worked as an engineer on a 1980's arcade game called "Polybius".
^ Worked as a clown for a fast food restaurant.
^ He clowned around at a fast food restaurant, rather than do any actual work.
^Killed and ate a clown
^ Was the clown who crossed the road, to get to the chickens, to fry for the restaurant.
^ Was one of the said chickens
^ He put a live chicken in his underwear then got all excited and went to a yawning festival.
^ He did the same thing at a Yanni concert.

(What's a yawning festival?)
Goes to all the same concerts and festivals that Hooyaah visits. Either that, or Hooyaah has a stalker... (<-- and that's not meant to be a euphemism...) :p
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^ sells concert tickets to Hooyaah and marks up the prices, knowing that Hooyaah can't get the tickets elsewhere.