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Hooyaah was lead to believe he was hired by Bruce Wayne to build a bat-house on his front yard, but it was actually Joker playing a prank. Joker didn't even know about Batman's identity, he just learned from Scarecrow that Bruce is scared of bats.
^ He makes some batty "baseless allegations."
^ He prefers to make allegations in his garage.
^ Has a white belt in Aikido.
^ He is a Krav Maga Black Belt Dan Five.
^ Has a belt which is black so he refers to it as a black belt.
^ wears safety belt while sitting on his couch watching TV.
wears braces, as belts seem too modern for his attire...
^ He wears suspenders which keep his breeches up to the level of his nipples.
^ Wears a top hat where he keeps an assortment of smoked meats.
^ wears a tricorne, where he keeps the stolen thongs that were dried under the sun, from his neighbors.
^ Wears a unicorn, and must keep it tranquilized so that it doesn't run away or attack him.
^ wears a devilish smile after each of his posts
^ Wears the horns and tail.
^ wears the donkey ears and pudendal appendage of same