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^worm person.
^ Reads two books a week.
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^ Doesn't consider books with less than 2500 pages real books.
^ He doesn't read books with under 2,500 pages.
^ Only reads pop-up books.
^ He looks at certain pictures in magazines which lead to "pop-ups."
As a voyer, Hooyaah knows HMA upgraded to websites decades ago.
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^killed the other 964 michaels. guilty of michaelcide.
^ Is a room filled with kak.
^ At the buffet, he dipped his chip into the guacamole and scooped a big bite full and ate it on the spot. Unfortunately, it was not guacamole but wasabi.
Dipped his toes into the wasabi and concluded it was pretty hot.
^ Used to shove peoples faces into the toilet but stopped after concluding it is pretty rude to do that.
^ eats crickets, hoping to get good at cricket.
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Doesn't realise that bats are no good for cricket, as the can't see the ball...
^ He doesn't realize that due to their sonar, batty bats are the best batters nocturnally.