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^ Sighs whenever he tries to yawn.
^ He used to be fun.

(The previous statement is not actually veritable.)
^ one day ate so much stuff with his bare hands, unwashed after touching various things. He then fell ill, but he blamed the gravity for it.
^ He supplied said foodstuffs at an outdoor buffet to which I was invited and where soap and running water was not provided.
^ He cut the fat off of his meat and used it to make soap, so that he could wash his hands before eating the same meat.
^ Breaks into clinics at night to steal human fat and make soap with his imaginary friend.
^ Whenever he renews his bathing equipment, he buys a yellow sponge and a pink starfish. For some reason, he thinks these two should always be together.
^ He prefers the green squid and the red crab.
^ Has the delusion that texan squirrels live in domes under the sea.
^ Has a crush on Lara Croft.
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^ He has a crush on Yennefer of Vengerberg.
^ Prefers to be called Ping Pong, the big boss of Hong Kong, in private, but goes by Hooyaah on gog.
^ Prefers to be called Carbon Dioxide.
^ Might've thought their account was too hard to find.
^ He's Arv in Dallas.