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^ He was "mis-tweeted" powerfully and he and his party are at large in space.
^ years ago, stirred by Charlie Sheen's riveting performance in the movie masterpiece Navy Seals, he decided he would become a "seal" himself. He then submitted his request, and attended boot camp. But he soon left: it was all too easy, and he quickly got bored.
^Has his friends carry him around on a shield, but lives in fear that some day the sky will fall on his head.
^ His head's already in the clouds.
^ has gained notoriety at both his jobs as a headmaster and an executioner in his town.
^ Is a very violent person.

very violent.
^ Is turned on by violence.
^Fears strong winds
^ Remember that collector of woman heads in Skyrim? That was HMA, specifically to seduce InSaint.
^ Seduces women with chloroform.

neumi5694: ^Fears strong winds
^ Creates strong winds, at waist level, from behind.
^ Thinks it's seduction when I do it because that's his head-space.
^ Is a head case.
^his head is encased with plastic foil.
^ will never be awaken by a bucket of cold water thrown at his face, when he's sleeping.
^ He will never freeze to death in the country in which he resides (unless no one lets him out of that McDonald's walk-in freezer soon).