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Never washes his itchy balls, covered in slime, before playing with the golf hole of an unsuspecting gal.
Banned for making me use my mental block ability.
^ has found a way to reproduce by gemmation. Soon, the world will be taken over by a multitude of small teceems, starting from Belgium.
He is unashamed for imagining such a frightening world.
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^ is one of the most well-paid shampoo product advertisement stars.
^ He is adored by women world-wide.
He is a lady's man.
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^ Is a mad on dates and prunes.
^ He had a hangover last Sunday morning.
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^ He wanted to be a Doctor.
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^ doctored his doctoral certificate with a Sharpie.
^ calls all the doctors he doesn't know doctor who?
^ has two princes as his spokespeople.
He has two princesses waiting for him at home.
^ Doesn't like arrows.