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^ he's the creator of "Harry Potty", a scatological parody of J. K. Rowling's famous character, with copious amounts of toilet humour.
^ Likes to make extremely obvious statements.
^sometimes lies for weeks in the trunk of the car and only gets out when it's raining.
^ Makes me irritate at the mere mention of Pig Bay.
^ Confused Pig Bay with Big Boy, and ordered a hamburger.
^ He looks surprisingly like Kip's Big Boy when he puts on overalls and holds a burger.
^Back in the days, he bit of plenty of burgers of Kip's Big Boys including the hands holding them ... and their heads.
^ Seems to think that Big Boy restaurants are owned by someone named Kip, of whom I've never heard, and doesn't realize that I used to work for someone who actually did look like that.
^ used to be one of Kip Thorne's assistants. He helped his research on wormholes for the Nobel laureate in Physics. He used to be digging wormholes in gardens.
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^ He can explain quantum entanglement in a brief sentence.
^ Has a quantum-entangled briefcase which he uses to communicate with his alien overlords.
^Sold a model of it made of plastic bricks and sold it for a higher price than the original was worth.
^ He knows this well, because he was the buyer.
^ Does not respect my artistic prowess which justifies the high price with exquisite detail, high piece-count, and authentic hinge-work.
^ Does not respect Hooyaah's autistic powers which are justified by the high priest in excrement decals.