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^ locked the door to this walk-in freezer and pretended to not see le Chevalier inside.
^ He was just sent to the walk-in freezer to get another case of Big Mac patties.
^ People call him Big Mac, but he refuses to tell the embarrassing story of how he got that nickname.
^doesn't want to know how Mothers Milk got his nickname.
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^ Is meeting up with Mr. Vampire twice a month for tea.
^ He donates blood regularly to a charitable organization which feeds "the hungry" (vampires).
^ Likes to offer them red wine just to troll Mr. Vampire.
^ He feeds vampires A-Negative blood, thinking that it will give them a negative attitude.
^ Came up with the character B-Negative for the new New Guardians, but lets Daniel Cibblesmith take all the credit.
^ Always confuses Daniel Cibblesmith, Oswald Cobblepot and Hooyaah. This stopped happening though while Hooyaah went by the name "Melmeanbeer"
^ Likes to drink mean beer, which can scar a throat!
Likes to drink median beer, the 50% percentile sample on the scale between water and battery fluid.
^ drinks electrolytes everyday to prevent himself from suffering power outages.
^Doesn't fear lightning, since he's always grounded.
^ Doesn't fear darkening, since he's blind.