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^ He (allegedly) made two baseless allegations and mentioned ban/banning without acting on it.
^ Watches Rings of Power when he wants to increase his urge to kill.
^ robbed a bank to get money for Amazon Prime subscription, so that he can watch Rings of Power.
^ Kills his urge to increase his power by ringing.

EDIT: ^ Interrupts people.
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^Forgot his shopping list.
^ He buys online.
^He got a chainsaw for his last birthday. For next year he wishes for a hockey mask.
He isn't a zombie; he wears the skin of other people.
^ People wear his skin, and give it back to him stretched out, which is why it's so wrinkly.
^ He eats a significantly greater quantity of prunes than any other human being.
^ Wizards don't poop.
^ Legos don't pee.
^ Didn't think I'd know that he's the one who peed on my Lego poop.
^ Is trying to make an artificial urine chemical which will be compatible with Lego bricks, but the formulas that he's tried keeps dissolving them.
^ likes yellow snow, because it's a mix of cold and warm. It's also because white snow tastes bland.