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^ spends so many nights dreaming that he got to ban people, that he was the authority.
^ Doesn't respect my authoritah.
^ He has the authority of an illegal alien making a citizen's arrest.
Responsible for the murder of a powerful demonic force but blames it on hobbits.
^Uses an palantir for alternative facts to get the truths no one dares to talk about.
^ He is one of the zombies that only eat the brains of they who "know too much."
^ Confuses the Banned game with the Allegations game and acts like nothing happened.
Ate the brains of those who thought they knew.
^ his favorite breakfast is Post Brain Flakes, made with whole brain.
^ He feeds him Raisin Brain anyway.
^ Is insane in the membrane, whatever that means.
^ is sane in the raisin brain
^ His brain is a raisin, but just a large gray one.
^ Hold the phone bone-dome, you're saying yours isn't?
^ legally changed his name to "Lloyd Christmas" in 2021.