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^ Jack was asleep on his bed when he ordered him "off." The rest of the story shall not be recounted in this forum.
^ Lets strangers Into his pants.
^ Has a fetish for nurses.
^ Has a fetish for something which for some reason it would never let me post, so I posted this instead.
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^The forum keeps him from posting "Fluffy bunny slippers", the reason is unknown.
^ thinks being a zombie is a punishment.
^ He thinks that drinking a zombie is a sin.
^ the old man with a banjo on the infamous cover of Phalanx is actually his great-grandfather.
^ He is familiar with my great grandfather.
^Sometimes poses as the school head master. Before exams with his hands in the air and a grim look in his face he yells at the students: "Thou Shalt Not Pass!!"
^ Poses as Fonzie at highschools trying to pickup underage chicks. But the greenish complexion gives him away.
^ banned for wearing your Halloween costume as your avatar
^ Banned for posting a naked Avatar. NO ! Those are not Juniper Bushes.
Banned for wearing my avatar as a Halloween costume.
^banned for being a total brick.