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^ Is a virgin who operates in the Caribbean. He chose his hideout at Home Depot, so that he can use their toilets which aren't even connected to plumbing.
^Knows that because he doesn't wear a tie.
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^ He has a scarlet necktie for HeresMyAccount.
^ Wears a scarlet letter.
^ Immorally and illegally sells ranks in drunken monkey kung fu under my name!
^ Registers to vote with the names of numerous dead people.
^ Is angry that he is not popular with dead voters. That's what you get for always banning Neumi!
^ He hasn't tried (as of yet) the naturally-flavored Cinnamon Schnapps that is waiting for him at his doorstep.
^ Isn't aware that i already downed all 3 bottles.
^ Ran out of mandarins and hand to resort to another flavor.
^ Is in fact a Columbian drug lord attempting to infiltrate these forums and gain control.
^ Doesn't know that this forum is already controlled by far-middle-narco-anarchistic drug-addicted nincompoops.
^ Thinks so little of gamers that he can't decide which insult to settle on.
^ He thinks so much of gamers that it consumes nearly his every thought.

EDIT: I wish that he worked for GOG!
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^ Thinks GoG is the worst, meanwhile ignoring the desert full of little dictator wannabe launcher DRM Corpos.. Not to mention tech. forums.