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^ stays away from water to avoid my army of dolphins.
^ Is secretly terrified of dolphins.
^ is fond of playing with floral foam
^ Just won a cupie doll at the circus.
^ He may actually know that the type of doll to which he was referring is correctly spelled "Kewpie."
This whimsical wizard who always arrives late at parties, refused to work magic, so as my Barbie doll princess would return to me.
^ He Dreams In Digital.
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^ He doesn't know it's spelt cupie in M&M.
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Tauto: ^ He doesn't know it's spelt cupie in M&M.
^Is the one guy who actually LIKES crispy M&Ms
^ He intends to open a new thread in the General Discussion Forum that is a Discussion About Generals.
Strokes his beard, just like he's stroking a cat...
^ Former ballroom dancer.
Former mate (ex) of a ballroom dancer.
^Stole all my shit!
^ Just got back from the Police Station and they had a good laugh at his complaint.