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low rated
^Doesn't actually have a beard and dislikes those who do

Hooyaah: ^ He is a quite affable and gregariuos human being.
This is actually true for the most part. :)
^ Just got back from his hidden still.
He secretly admires activists and is even aroused by them.
^ is very strong with his projection.
^ He is a great story teller.
Is a great story breaker (and never helps the antihero protagonist on circumventing the negative, predetermined plot, shrugs)!
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Is in love with Greta Thunberg.
^ is in love with the corpse of Greta Garbo.
^ Is enamourd with Nefertiti's Mummy.
^ has never seen a real mummy (in its country of origin).
Never rode a camel, or took a dump in the desert in plain sight, or met and casually (tried to have a) chat with Bedwins!
^ lacks bass
^ robs fish market.
^doesn't understand future dolphins.
^ Says Ack alot to attract dolphins.