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Will sponsor me as a Mensa candidate, for going along with all the rest.
^ Doesn't mind this silly brain-fart doesn't actually break the rules because banning requires making accusations and it says nothing about not banning!
^ Is unaware, that they actually started the brain fart confusion, but to be 'baseless' I'll say that it never happened.
Banned because are you even old enough to smoke?
Forgot that this wasn't the banned thread, but to make a baseless allegation, I'll say that the avatar isn't worthy of a smoke, at least until after.
^ is Benjamin Button looking at himself in the mirror.
^ has a curious case.
^ Has a boring case.
^ He filed a lawsuit regarding an errant drilling operation performed mistakenly on his property; the case is boring also.
^ Has a Mystery Box and believes it is more interesting than what's inside it, because he couldn't think of anything interesting to put in the box.
^ He could not open the mystery box and discover that the item in the box, which I placed there, is a non-ferrous metal disc which appears to be an ancient coin of, as of yet, an unknown origin.
^ Is seriously making this up as he goes along and when it's time to finish this plot, his last-minute idea will be narrative gibberish that completely betrays what he was building up and murders any interest in the story forever.
^ I can't bother to read more than 10 words, my attention span is too short.
^ Isn't even able to read his own post.
^ He discovered the Gold Ying Yuan (rectangular coin, c.500 BCE) inside the mystery box.