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^ He crys cockles and mussels "Alive alive o."
^ Has a marble collection.
^ is scared of looking at his own mask.
^ thinks wearing a mask and cape makes him a superhero.
Prefers the antihero
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^ He meant to say the word "villian" but couldn't recall the word.
Is completely ignorant to morals and dilemma; antihero sometimes is the hero, while the hero actually is the villain.

Kain from Raziel? Belmont from Symphony of the Night? Garrett from Thief?
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^ He seeks to blur the line between a protagonist and an antagonist.
^Made a very failed GOG forum game thread

(again congrats go out to Hooyah)
^ He is a quite affable and gregariuos human being.
^ might be a human being but it's never been investigated.
^ makes "Ack-ack-ack-ack-ack!" sound when laughing out loud.
Likes Psychedelic Boys and Mark Beats; he even attended live performances!
^ Has strange sounds in his ears,tinnitus.
^ He enjoys making baseless allegations.