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^ He suffered the arrows of outrageous fortune.
^ He is a copy cat.
^ He's a dirty dingo dingus.
^ He should never try to use his imagination as it will always end up as headaches.
^ He is particularly fond of Christmas.
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^ wears red suit around winter solstice every year, carrying a large bag and breaking and entering houses via the chimneys.
^ Has three cars in a toy box.
Fumbles with their change in their front trouser (external pants) pocket...
^ Failure, at baiting and describes big fish tales.
^ He enjoys surfing in waters with a high density of box jellyfish.
He wouldn't order fried jellyfish, at an authentic, chinese restaurant, even if the owner treated him to it!
^ He payed for improperly prepared fugu once.
Sells tomatoes that he grows in his room.
Is beta tester for cyberpunk 2077
sells seashells by the seashore